Are Black Beans Good for you? What are the Health benefits of the Black Beans

If you are looking to know about black beans are good for you or not?  What are the health benefits of the black beans? What are the side effects of the black beans? Who much calories present in black beans? Black beans nutrition facts etc. You are reading the right article; here your question will get the right answer.

Black Beans are also classified as a legumes crop. Legumes crops at the present time are very beneficial for environment, agriculture and human dietary system. The other name of black beans is turtle beans. It got its name turtle because of its hard shell-like appearance. They are also one of the edible seeds on the plant. Legumes crops are very high in protein and fiber; they fix the soil and also need very less water for its cultivation.

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Nutrition facts of Black Beans

Being a legumes crop, black beans are very rich in fiber and protein. They are also risk in minerals like iron, manganese, and vitamins like Vitamin A. Flavonoids one of the most important biotic components useful for a human body is also present in black beans. Flavonoids have antioxidants ability that prevents from free radicals. There is two form of cholesterol one is good cholesterol and second is bad cholesterol. Omega 3 fatty acids, which is considered of the “good” form of cholesterol is also present in the black beans. Folic acid and molybdenum compound which is hard to add naturally to a healthy regimen are present in the black beans. Therefore, you can understand that black beans are highly beneficial for you.

Health Benefits of Black Beans

  1. Healthy bones: minerals like iron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper and zinc which are considered to be the main contributor to building and maintaining bone structure and strength are present in a good amount in the black beans.

For the facts, roughly around 99% of the body’s calcium supply, 60 % of its magnesium and 80% of its phosphorous are contained in bone. It means the nutrients in a diet are very important for human body.

  1. Lowering the blood pressure: low sodium intake is imperative to keep blood pressure at a normal level. Black beans being low in sodium and high in potassium, calcium, magnesium are result in lowering the blood pressure.
  2. Weight loss: Many people around the world are suffering from obesity and many people are turning to have a healthy lifestyle. People are reducing their weight by going the gym and taking a balanced diet. In this diet, the intake of the fiber is considered very helpful and it functions as a “bulking agent” in the digestive system.

Generally, high fiber dietary food reduces the appetite by providing a sense of fullness after eating. Therefore, it helps a person to low their intake of calories.  Since the black beans are rich in fiber they decrease the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other problems related to health.

  1. Improvement of heart health: low cholesterol helps a person to maintain a good and healthy heart. The low blood pressure can be maintained by having a good amount of fiber in a diet. The black beans help to lower the cholesterol and ultimately result in imploring the heart health by reducing the heart attack and strokes risk. The presence of omega 3 fatty acid also helps a lot in reducing the cholesterol. They neutralize the negative effects of omega-6 fatty acid (bad cholesterol). Omega-3 fatty acid has anti-hypertensive effects, by ameliorating the blood flow, lowering the blood pressure and put very low strain or oxidative stress on the cardiovascular system.
  2. Prevent cancer: It has been studied that the black beans reduce the risk of certain types of cancers due to the presence of flavonoids found in the seed coat of black beans. Flavonoids are important for the body is because they prevent the body from the free radicals that cause cancer. There are different flavonoids present in the seed coat of black beans that make it one of the most powerful remedies against a battle with cancer if you add them regularly to your diet.
  3. Improve Digestive System: being rich in protein and fiber the black beans are also considered one of the ‘superfood’ like Black Rice. Black beans help to improve the person digestive system because the protein and fiber both help the food to move well on its digestive track. Black beans are also digesting slower than meat, which has similar protein content in it. Therefore, intake of beans leaves you satisfied longer and cleans out a digestive system properly by preventing overeating. The regular intake of fiber content will absorb water into your stool which helps a lot and ineffective manner to reduce constipation.
  4. Prevent Diabetes: as we have told above, the presence of protein and black fiber help to improve and maintain the digestive system of the person, so concentrated doses of nutrients uptake does not happen. Instead of nutrient uptake, steady of removal of nutrients happen during the digestive process. When digestion is improper then it can spike the blood sugar which can be very dangerous for the patient with diabetes. It is beneficial for the person suffering from diabetes.
  5. Treat Sexual Dysfunction: As aforementioned that a compound name molybdenum (not found frequently) which is a rare mineral is found in black beans.  One of the great importance of molybdenum is that it can break down and detoxify sulfites. Molybdenum neutralizes the negative effects of sulfites like a headache and disorientation. Molybdenum helps in cell energy production with the development of nervous system simultaneously.

Molybdenum has also shown that it can reduce the impotency and erectile dysfunction in older men. Molybdenum has been linked to increases in energy and interest in sexual activity among older men.

Side Effects of Black Beans

Black beans have natural seed coat that helps it protect its nutrient contents from the predators and insects. Phytic acid protects the seed from premature germination. If it is not removed from the black beans before eating it then it will bind calcium, magnesium, and copper and prevent them from being absorbed during the digestion process. If nutrients are not absorbed properly then they can cause different condition from small irritation to serious issues like hormonal disruption and impaired brain function.

Oligosaccharides one of the complex sugars is present in black beans. The human body does not produce any enzymes that can break it naturally. Therefore, oligosaccharides ferment in the digestive system and produce methane with releases in an unpleasant ways from the body.

To prevent above two side effects black beans should be soaked in water properly and cooked it properly that it will break all other organic parts of beans that are hard to digest.

Calories: It is estimated that one cup of serving cooked black beans have 227 calories in it with 15 gram of protein and 15 gram of fiber.

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