What is Azmoney? Is Azmoney.bid Scam or Legit?

If you are wondering to know more about Azmoney.bid then you have reached at the right platform. In this Azmoney Review, we will be discussing some of the queries asked related to it such as, is Azmoney Scam? Is Azmoney Legit? Is Azmoney Fake? Or is Azmoney Real? Money is one of the basic necessities for living a good life but obtaining this basic necessity is not an easy task. Some people prefer working hard for earning money while there are others who are in search of easy ways for earning money and internet is a good source for earning in nowadays. Sites like Azmoney are in search of those people who want to earn money easily. The working of Azmoney is quite simple and all you have to do is to watch advertisements on the site for earning money.

If you are looking for a more precise answer without reading the whole article then we must tell you that it is a PTC (Pay-to-click) site and that’s why we do not recommend this site and likewise sites to our readers. We have listed Azmoney in scam sites lists. We advise our readers to stay cautious of such sites for preventing any loss and instead go for a more genuine platform for earning money.

What is Azmoney.bid Is Azmoney Scam or Legit Is Azmoney Real or Fake Azmoney Review, Azmoney

How does Azmoney.bid work?

Azmoney is a PTC site which provides money to its users for viewing advertisements on the site. They pay 10 cent per ad to its members. Now offering this much money to each and every member can quite costly for any company. Let’s assume that a person is watching approximately 10 ads in one day then he or she can earn 100 cents in one day easily. If earning money was this easy then no one will be poor. Offering this huge amount to their members can make this company bankrupt in few days. The amount earned by the users is shown only on the profile and they are not going to receive a single penny from the website. The company also does not sell any product or service which helps it in making money and this makes company’s working very suspicious. Without having any proper income source how can any company can pay such huge amount to its members.

The company also offers different types of referral programs to its members for generating extra traffic on the website. Azmoney pays commission to its members for recruiting new members or making new referrals. These referrals are the earning source for this company. This company works under illegal scheme which lowers the credibility and legitimacy of this company to zero. The company has never paid anybody and neither are they going to do so in the future.

The website also does not share its owner’s information with its members. For maintaining transparency within the work process it is very important to share personal information. Hiding the information from the possible members can raise questions within the member’s minds. Every working legitimate site shares owner information with its members. Azmoney has also guarded their owner information in WHOIS record. This proves that their motives are not good and they are fooling their members.

Azmoney also sells the personal information of its members with third party. It is the duty of every company or website to safeguard the personal as well as the financial information of its member so that it cannot be misused by any hackers. Selling this information with third party can make them vulnerable to hackers.


Azmoney is a scam site and we think that above mentioned reasons are enough to prove you that. Beware of such sites for preventing any loss and also advise your friends and family to stay away from these sites. If earning money was this much easy then no one would be poor in today’s world. These scam websites uses their members for earning themselves instead of paying to their members.

If you find this article helpful enough for you of if you any more queries in your mind regarding the working of this company then please let us know by commenting below in our comment section. We will be happy to hear from you.

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