What are the benefits of Air?

Air is a mixture of various gases present in the atmosphere. It consists of gases like Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon dioxide, Water vapors, Methane and many more. The most useful and beneficial gas present in the air is oxygen which supports human life and it is useful in combustion. Oxygen also supports human life as it is the only thing a human requires for its survival. There is another gas which is also useful that is carbon dioxide, it is useful for plants for their survival as they make food during photosynthesis with the help of carbon dioxide and sunlight.

Benefits of Air

Uses of Air:

1. It provides sustainability to life and growth.
2. It supports combustion.
3. It helps in maintaining the temperature.
4. It supplies energy to the people.
5. It helps in the process of photosynthesis.

Air is the basic and the important source of the people for their survival on the Earth and due to which Earth is the most suitable planet for human life. Air also helps in cooking and burning fuels as it supports combustion due to oxygen gas present in the air. Air maintains the temperature of the Earth by circulating the hot gases from the desert to the Himalayan areas where cold winds blow.
Gases like Nitrogen and Hydrogen are also very useful in the daily lives of the people and for research purposes. Nitrogen is used for producing ammonia which is very useful in many areas. Hydrogen is used in research centers for testing and performing new experiments as it is the lightest gas.

Types of Air:

It can be classified into two categories: Fresh air and Contaminated air.

Fresh Air:

It is the type of air which does not contain any type of pollutant in it. It is the fresh air which is very beneficial for one’s body. Fresh air can be felt in the morning when there is little moisture in the atmosphere and the pollution producing substances are very far away.
Fresh air helps in improving the learning skills of a person and also helps in remembering the things that are learned in a fresh mood with fresh air. It also improves the functioning of the lungs by walking in the morning in the fresh air. Fresh air helps in controlling our emotions like the feeling of anxiety, anger and so on. It helps in lightening the mood of the person making him happier and fresh for good thoughts, ideas, and feelings.

The heart and blood pressure patients are advised to take walk in the morning as in the morning fresh air is present which improves our immune and circulatory system. Fresh air also decreases the survival of bacteria in our body which improves our digestive system and strengthens our immune system.
A newly born baby is given a fresh environment so that it does not experience diseases due to contaminated air. It also helps in providing a better environment for sleeping and living and fresh air helps in better breathing process which relaxes our body. Fresh air is free from germs which helps in healing from any disease or any wound faster as germs present in the air does not attack it.

Contaminated Air:

It is the type of air which contains pollutants in it. It harms our body and surviving with this type of air is difficult and unfit on the basis of health.

This contaminated atmosphere is increasing day by day because of the increasing requirements of people of cars and air conditioners which produce the maximum amount of dust particles leading to contamination of air. This contamination of the air is also known as Air Pollution.

To purify the environment some chemicals are added to the air which decreases the concentration of dust particles from the air and makes suitable for the humans to live.

As air is important for our survival and needs to be kept free from germs and dust particles for our health and betterment. Exercises recommended to the patients for their cure by the doctors are advised to perform early in the morning in the fresh air because it profits the body more and helps the person to control their emotions in a better way. Exercises help to maintain our body structure and reduces many diseases from our body.

At last, I would conclude by saying that Air is essential to source for human life and for better health. It should be kept clean for avoiding harmful diseases. It not only supports humans but also supports plants and animals for their survival.

Fresh air can help a lot in overcoming many of our days to day problems and also helps in relaxing us over those problems and helps in opening our ideas. It helps in meditation which is the best way to control all life actions and problems.

“Clean air and protect human life and stay free from diseases.”

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