Benefits of Rain

Rain the most exciting and romantic kind of weather probably the weather in which nobody want to stay at home.

So now a question arises into the mind that “Is there any benefits of rain or it is only for enjoyment”, well there are lot of benefits of rain biologically and geographically as well. Rainwater is one of the purest form of water and it contain no chlorine and it also helps our body .

Benefits of Rain

It helps you to maintain your digestive system and protects you from fungal , bacterial diseases as well , even doctor suggest to drink rain water to  cancer patients which is a quite amazing fact about rainwater . It also cures us from various stomach problems and washing hairs with rainwater improves the quality of your hairs and soften hairs too. Not only for us it is also very beneficial for animals, water bodies, insects, birds and plants. It works as a natural medicine for animals and many insects and birds likes to drink rain water because it nourishes their body and even plants need rainwater to make their fruit more juicy and tasty. Have you ever noticed that after raining your garden look more amazing and blossomed?  There is no magic in that it is all rainwater which rapidly makes your garden more greenery. An amazing and unknown fact about rainwater is that it works as a conditioner for clothes and provides them a beautiful shine .

Rain is mostly liked by kids and probably after winters monsoon is the second weather which is most liked by people, which is a good thing and even in monsoon we have to go to the parks because rain purifies the air and removes all the harmful gases from it and the air after raining also fresh up your body instantly and give you a boost of energy. People plan to sit under shade with a hot cup of tea and snacks and enjoy the calmness of rain , people plan to dance in raindrops and have a lot of fun and this is because day by day the rate of rain in some areas is decreasing and now people understand the value of rain and walking in rain also helps to burn extra calories which helps to loose fat easily .On the parameters of uses of rain plays an important role in human’s life after knowing an amazing use of rain water which is rain water harvesting which was invented by an Indian named Jalmitra Vijay Kedia and the main motive of rainwater harvesting is to conserve  rainwater for future and use it for daily uses like in flushes and watering plants . It also helps to save fresh water , which is the main advantage of this method and this technique is used in vast numbers in Southern Sides due to heavy rainfall in monsoon .

Rain water is also used to feed the rivers from which hydro power is generated so it also helps in electricity formation . Now take a look that how this magical water reach to us .Actually the monsoon winds enters in India due to low pressure because of high temperature in May and  June . Then they get rubbed with the Western Ghats and rain there with some good amount and then enter into India from west side i.e. Maharashtra, after heavy rains there it enters into India and start moving towards J&K and the other part of these winds get rubbed with Eastern Ghats and rain there at good rate and then rain heavy in Bay of Bengal due to humidity and then both the winds meet at Uttarakhand. As the time is going fast and we are trying to make everything possible, we created artificial raining by spreading dry ice from planes on the clouds so that they start raining.

Rainwater harvesting plays very important role in lives of farmers. Rain helps them in giving nourishment to the crops and provide adequate amount of water required by the crops. Rain makes the land fertile for growing nourished crops. Rainwater is also useful in drought areas for future consumption. Rainwater harvesting also helps in supplying access of water to the people who suffer from natural calamities.

In China, Argentina and Brazil rainwater harvesting is preferred the most due to which pure water which is present can be used for drinking purposes and for other works rainwater can be used which is also clean. Rain reduces the air pollution also as when it rains the harmful particles which are present in the air comes down with the rain drops making the environment free which fresh air.

Last but not the least rain is an important part of human’s life and everybody have to conserve rainwater. Rain is a beautiful and very beneficial thing in everyone’s life. So save rainwater and enjoy the beauty of life.

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