Benefits of Trees: Why Trees Are Important For US?

Trees, one of the most helping, caring and loving living being on the earth and on the parameters of caring we can say that ” Not expecting but caring”, this line perfectly define trees.
Is there any benefit of Mr. Caring?
Yes, there are lot of benefits of trees.
They cleans up the air and make it fresh for us and even they have the power to set a perfect weather for us. They are also called “natural air conditioners” because they cools up the cities and streets that gives us a perfect scenario of long drives .

Benefits of Trees

1. Give us Oxygenand Fruits

The most important thing that we get from trees is oxygen and fruits which means we exists only because of trees, the tasty food that we eat exists only because of them.
Trees also helps us indirectly by cleaning water for us and give their little contribution in controlling water pollution which shows the all rounding care of trees .

2. Beneficial For Animals

Not only in our lives but also in the lives of animals trees are very important especially for birds because trees are the most common material for their homes which shows that how many living beings are dependent on trees .
3. Main Source of Ayurveda

There are a lot of medical benefits of trees also like we all know about ayurveda which exists only because of trees and it is one of the most powerful ways of treatment. Ayurveda is the basic of medical science that means not caring but trees also help us to fight with our injuries.

4. Protection from UV Rays

They shields us from UV rays which are very harmful for our skin and their intensity is much enough to burn our skin and protection from UV rays also maintains the temperature .
Trees also give us wood which helps us not only when they are alive but also after they are dead. It shows that how much important they are for us.

5. Step Farming

They also play an important role in step farming because trees are the only ones who can control soil erosion by tightening up the soil from its roots and stop soil erosion in monsoons.

6. Psychological Factor

There are some psychological factors that trees have, the first one is that if you plant trees around your homes it reduces the chances of violence in your home .The second one is that you can easily determine the weather by seeing trees especially it helps to determine the springs .

7. Financial Benefits

They also increase the value of your property which means it also helps you financially and can become a source of more money for you.

8. Sound Absorbers

They also work as absorbers because they have the capability to absorb sound and this is the reason why natural places are so peaceful and so quite.

9. Reduce Greenhouse Effect

They can also reduce the greenhouse effect which means they reduce the level of carbondioxide from the air which is a quite amazing thing about trees.

10. Add Unity

They also helps to add unity among people, though it looks strange but that’s true because when there is any program regarding tree conservation so all the people come together and plant trees which actually helps in maintaining relationship between them .
Trees also holds a special place in our rituals and culture because in our Indian culture many trees are worshiped like god which shows that not only for uses but trees also holds a traditional background with humans.
They also give us shadow that’s why they become the part of parking areas.

11. Our Behavior against Trees

Trees are that much beneficial for human beings but what we give them in return, we just start deforestation and cutting them unnecessarily to build concrete buildings and just try to make earth a desert of concrete, but one thing that we are not understanding is that we exists only because of trees and if cut down trees simultaneously then this thing effects badly to our future generation and even we can say that we are taking their benefits for our comfort which shows how selfish we are .

12. Effects of Deforestation

One of the most dangerous effect of cutting trees is that cutting of trees also increases the temperature of earth because trees are the only one who lives on carbon dioxide which means if there are no trees so the rate of carbon dioxide will increase on our earth and one day our Earth will become a hot ball of carbon dioxide.

13. Participation in Tree Saving Campaigns

Many campaigns were also started by government but the attendance in that Campaigns is very less which shows that how much we are aware about trees and how much we want to conserve them.
Last but not the least trees are very much important for us and the best return gift that we give to them is not to cut them and even plant as much as we can so that our ecosystem will come in right position and the resources will get conserved for our future generations .

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