Characteristics of Adolescents

The age of adolescence is around 11 to 21 years. In this period of adolescence he/she has to undergo through several changes, whether it’s biological, physical and mentally changes. Adolescence has three stages: Early, Middle and Late Adolescents. An early adolescent is around 10-14. A middle adolescent is 15-17. And a late adolescent is around 18-21.

Characteristics of Adolescents

Characteristics of Adolescents:

  1. Physical and biological growth and development: Body’s hormones get changes. In boys, growth of facial and coarse public hair, voice changes, growth in height and weight. In case of girls, growth of hips, breasts and height, voice changes.
  2. Attraction towards opposite sex or emotional development: In Adolescence age emotional changes also occur like attraction to the opposite sex, anger, tension, changes in behavior and irritability.
  3. Increase the physical appearance consciousness: During the age of adolescence, growth of physical appearances occurs both in boys and also in girls. Like to look attractive, maintain hair, dress, etc.
  4. Increased decision making and intellectual development: It increase the ability to think and freedom to take their own decision.


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