Girls or ladies, together called women have to suffer a lot in their whole life. Earlier as a girl they have to live their life according to their father and later after marriage when they become ladies they have to live their life according to her husband and father-in-law. Earlier the men used to rule as India was the man ruling country as women were not encouraged in any field and were only allowed to stay at home and learn how to work and serve for their family. They were married to boys to early age or to the same age at their early age.

The marriage of girls does not only meant giving their daughters to the family  they are married but it also included giving expensive things and some property as a sign of love for their daughter. This trend became so important that it has become an important of a marriage and if this thing was not followed then the daughter has to bear the consequences. Due to this culture, poor families used to either kill their girl child or used to do prayers that they only have male child as he will increase their generation and will help them in their work and they will have the chance to receive things than giving to anyone. This system of giving expensive things in the name of love was known as “Dowry”.


People were ready to receive dowry but not ready to give dowry. Families have made it so important they do not think what they are doing to the daughters of others which are somewhere their daughters also. Bride’s mother-in-law used to forget that they are also woman and they have also suffered this so they should stop this trend but they used to take revenge of their sufferings from them and fill their greediness.

The actions the groom’s family takes to bully the girl so that their parents give them the things they demand for the lives and for the happiness of their daughters are:

Beating bride for their desires:

The groom and his family members used to beat and ill-treat the bride after the marriage so as to fulfill their desires. They used to so that the family of the bride after seeing their daughters’ condition could come under their pressure and give them all they desire. The man used to beat the woman so that she can call her parents and her parents can send the things and the woman’s family could not send anything due to any reason then they used to ill treat her whole of her life and sometimes they are killed also.

Burning brides and emotionally torturing them:

On not bring dowry with them on marriage girls are beaten, burned and tortured emotionally and physically. They are ill treated by their mother-in-law while working and sometimes they not even provide them food to eat. Sometimes girls are burned as alive and sometimes girls take this step to prevent them from the torture they are bearing. Girl’s family is black mailed and to prevent their daughter from the consequences parents use to fulfill their requirements.

It was noticed that before showing the girl to the family, families used to prefer talking about the dowry. The people used to have the big list of items what they require and they used to increase the prices and cash amount depending upon the education of their boy. People used to demand for the property also and it was the fashion that was followed by all the people whether rich or poor and their demands vary according to that.

Many actions are taken by the government to remove this trend. They are successful in reducing it but it is not completely gone from our Indian society. It was stated that if any family is found taking dowry, the amount and the stuff that is given in the name of dowry will be possessed by the girl and she will be the owner of it. She is also given the right to take actions against the act and can ask for the justice. And the punishment from the side of the government will be imprisonment for not less than 5 years and the amount to be paid by the family that is equal to the amount of the dowry received by them. And if the husband and some specified members are found guilty for doing wrong with the girl then they are punished for 3 or more than 3 years and with some additional fine. This cruelty action lies under the section 498A of IPC which deals with this type of stuff.

These actions have helped a lot and the development of the country has also contributed a lot to bring the change in this fashion. Though it is not completely gone from our society but does not have such drastic affects of it. It is also reduced because of the active participation of women in development of country. They have started thinking about them and know what is right and wrong for them. They do not bear anyone’s torture for no reason and know how to live independently.

But somewhere after all this also the total trend of dowry is not gone from our society. Still in the name of gifts or love, parents use to give their daughters expensive gifts and somewhere it has also become a fashion if someone does not do so then they have to hear bad and humiliating comments from the people of the society. So somewhere to maintain and to make their daughters comfortable still dowry is not gone from our society. We need to understand that to make your daughter comfortable with something, you teach her to earn for it rather than gifting her and making her not realize her strength.

Increase the development and strength of the girl child by motivating her to work for it rather than providing her the thing and teach her to fight for her right. People should not only teach their daughters but also teach their sons that the girl they would be marrying in future is someone’s sister or daughter and she should be respected and should have equal rights in their married life as they both are equal.

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