Education Median and It’s benefits

Education Media is a means of communications. It is a type of media to educate, learn and teach someone. It can use at home, classroom, and any convenient place to study. Examples of education media are graphic, animation, audio, image, video and text. Text contains text book, written book, and worksheet. Image include graphic and chart. Visual aspect is for video. Audio contain recorded speech. Movies and documentaries are also a part of education media. It improves the performance of learning.

Education Median and It's benefits

Few benefits of Education Media are listed below:

  • It encourages students to concentrate and attract toward their study.
  • Contain large amount of information within a short time.
  • Motivate student to learn and study.
  • Best and attractive way to study.
  • Helps to introduce new topic which should be teach to student.
  • It contains idea, fact and point.
  • Technology industry is vastly growing through the Education media.

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