Now a day, we people can’t think our world without electronic gadgets. From waking up in the morning to going to sleep at night, we all are surrounded by gadgets. From mobile to cooking instrument all area is covered by these electronic things. Electronic things mean that it is the area of science where you deal with electrons. With the help of some active, passive and underlying technique we are making such circuits which give us maximum efficiency with less power .Electronics is an engineering branch where you study about flow of current through semiconductors. In the fastest growing high-tech world you should upgrade yourselves about latest technology and also should have technology enthuse. Moreover, it is very difficult to stay away from gadget as they become important part in your life, in your daily routine.


We people are living in such an era where all things are technology dependent. Now we are making such robots which can do all the job of human with fewer faults and more accurately and efficiently without any break. We are using sensor tablets which collect information about whole body. We are using bullet trains, airplanes which reduce our journey time. We are making green house plant where we can control the environment of a room, and can grow unseasoned vegetables and fruits. Not only these things, there are thousands of things which can change our daily life and make it much easier.

electronic world


Our journey in electronics starts with invention of vacuum tubes in the year 1897. It’s actually a tube consist of anode and cathode which is kept in salted water or acid and mixed with water and it allows current flow in one direction .Then come triode(with 3 terminal – anode ,cathode and grid ),pentode which are advanced . But huge development starts with invention of transistor by John Bardeen, Walter Brattain and William Shockley in 1948. In Bell lab, bulky vacuum tubes were replaced by small size transistors, so that size of the devices decreases. Germanium mainly used to make the transistors at the starting, but later with the inventor of BJT we started using silicon and now most of the electronic devices made by silicon for its low cost.

Now we use ICs in electronic devices where billion of transistors are implemented, which was invented by Jack Kirby. And he took revolution by inventing this; because of its low cost and very high efficiency they are very useful and important in today’s world. He also introduced VLSI (very large scale integrated circuit) concept.



Today, we give priority to mobile phones a lot, more than our food. These mobile phones, specifically the android ones with 3G/4G internet connection, make our days and work easy. Online transaction, booking a cab, finding new place in Map, reading a lot of books, social media, make phone or video calls, take photo or video and share it, web searching all have become easy and secure because of this mobile and its main advantage is, it is handy. The merchants who sell their products online and the customers who have very less time for shopping both got advantages.


The use of electronic technology in camera has increased dramatically. The lance’s zooming power, the camera quality, modes of camera is increasing and upgrading tremendously. The camera that is available in the market has high quality and is not out of the range of common people. Moreover if someone like videographer or photography they can easily do it.


Our days will be boring without music and cinema, and both are prime user of electronics. From recording, playback songs, storing the music or video, stereos, tape disks, CD drivers, DVD players, cassette player, pen drive, hard disk all is the result of invention, hard work on electronics in last few decades.

Now we can carry thousands of songs and videos in a small device easily and its price is not so high. The device is portable that means you can listen to songs by attaching a head phone to it, or may via Bluetooth headphone without disturbing the surroundings. You may also play it via Bluetooth speaker. So all are the things are latest inventions in electronics.


Electronic devices brought revolution in health field. The maximum instrument used by the doctors to treat from normal patient to critical patient is done by electronic gadgets. These devices are used in diagnosis, determination of medical problem and research about different unknown diseases, different bacteria and the process of cure. Without use of electronic instruments we cannot find genetic disorder, cancer and its way of cure . Instrument like CAT, MRI, X-ray, Blood gas analyzer, Medical glucose Monitor, Electronic Brain Wave Machine, Medical heart monitors, Infrared and Digital Thermometers, Defibrillator for medical electronics, Sphygmomanometer, Fetal Monitor, Stethoscope all are electronic components which works quickly and very accurately .Now many people have pacemaker and similar equipment as doctors advice. Above all scientists are inventing such devices which can replace many body parts.


In office we use computers, thumb scanner, projectors, fax machine, printers and calculators.


Home appliances like vacuum cleaner , washing machine, LED bulb, air conditioner that we people use daily.


Consumer devices like ATM machine, setup box, dish TV, wifi router, bar code scanners we use daily in our lives.


There are usage is huge in auto mobile sectors to make a car automatic like airbag control, window regulator, cruise control, infotainment console, anti lock breaking system , anti collision kits which are not only used to save people from accidents but also lower the accident rate and increases the comfort ability of car. This technology also increases the security of car.


Defense and missiles application include missile launching system, radars, aircraft system, boom barrier and many more. Many electronic types of equipment are introduced for the defense team for helping them in their wars.


There is also some application of electronic gadgets in meteorological and oceanographic. Actually we do environment monitoring which help us to know natural distortion, rain, flood etc. Barometer is used for pretending the weather good or bad, by calculating atmosphere’s pressure. Anemometer is used to measure the wind speed and direction of air. Drifter buoy is used to measure temperature and pressure level of ocean, Hygrometer is used to measure humidity, Tipping bucket rain gauge is used to measure rain fall amount. And data logger is used for storing data coming from different sensors like humidity, temperature, wind speed, solar radiation etc.


Image processing is the most important thing for solving police case to plastic surgery area. It involves artificial intelligence, compute vision of face, virtual reality, computer graphics and many more things. By the use of image processing we can get 2D image from multiple 2D image.


In industry, we have machine learning, power converting technology, photo voltaic system, renewable energy application, robotics which are the greatest inventions of technology. These are replaced by humans for increased productivity, time, and cost.


In communication technology, it keeps the impact like application of intelligence computing, network electricity system, smart meter; digital system based two way communication, self monitoring and many more.


For space researches rockets, orbiter, Lander, rover and communicator are samples of advanced electronic devices.

It can be concluded by as it is the changing world, there is a great scope in electronics field and the inventions have no limit .But one thing we should take care about is that the electronic garbage. Otherwise, we can’t imagine a day without this electronics technology. Semiconductor based on technology is upgrading every day and actually its giving a shape to our world.

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