Famous Dances

Dance is one of the wonderful art performed by an individual using their different body parts.

Some people dance when they are happy and some dance while having fun but some dance for communicating their feeling of happiness and some dancers dance to reduce their feeling of sadness and sorrow.
Dance is one of the oldest practices and is of different types.

Famous dances

Some of the dances that are named as following:

folk dance, religious dance, popular dance, theatrical dance and so on.
Out of all types of dances theatrical dance is the famous and the most entertaining type of dance form. Theatrical dance includes jazz, tap, ballet and musical comedy. Thus type of dance provides a sense of satisfaction to the dancers and also helps them to attract and increase their audience.

All the places have some specialization in their food similarly it also possess a native dance form. Some of the famous dances of different places are mentioned below:


Maypole is the folk dance of United Kingdom and is celebrated on 1st may. Maypole dance consists of a pole fixed at some location and children used to dance around the pole. Sometimes the pole is permanently fixed but sometimes it is specifically fixed for the dance. It also holds an important part of iron age and early medieval culture in earlier times. Maypole dance is very popular but in 18th and 19th century it became less popular but then also in some parts of the country it was celebrated with same enthusiasm and craze as the earlier times. The beauty of this dance form is that it spreads the message of unity and love.

Irish Step dance:

It is the traditional dance of Irish and is performed without moving the upper part of the body. This dance is performed using the feet only. An amazing fact about this dance form is that it can be performed without anyone or in groups. This dance form is very popular all over the world and even many competitions are also conducted throughout the world and these competitions are named as Feiseanna. In this dance form costume plays an important role and sometimes its costumes are sold at very high prices. Its costumes are of various color patterns and designs which attracts the eyes of the audience.


It is the traditional dance form of Rajasthan and is performed to worship goddess Saraswati which was later adopted by Rajasthani community. It is only performed by women and they use to wear Ghagra while performing it which provides a beautiful look to this dance. It was ranked third in India in 2013.In earlier times, the newly married brides used to perform this dance for welcoming their guests in her new married home. A film “Padmavati” is also directed depicting this dance form to show its beauty and aware people about this.


It is the traditional dance form of Southern Spain and this type of dance forms are developed in 19 century. It is very popular all over the world specially in US and Japan and even Japan have more Dance Academy than Spain. This dance is also declared as The Masterpiece of oral and intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO and in the song of this dance form Flamenco guitar is used. This dance is associated with Romani people in Spain and the subject of this dance form is disagreement.


It is a dance form which is originated in Italy and later developed in France and Russia and is popular all over the world. Ballet dance is performed by qualified choreographers and by ballet dancers and is performed on classical music. This dance form has its own styles like classical ballot, romantic ballot, neo classical ballot, contemporary belt and so on. In this dance form costume plays an important role as in IT sectors, women wear white skirts which are of cotton and silk which is mixed with some flax.

Belly dance:

This dance form is originated from Egypt which includes complex movements of your belly. Costume of this dance form is vest and a small glittering blouse which is full of glitter and designs and this costume is inspired by ghamazi women clothing. This dance form is very popular over the world and even film industry include this dance form in their songs or in their movies. This dance include some movements like percussive movements, fluid movements,
shimmies shivers and vibrations and so on. This dance also includes isolated movements in which you have to move your back in an isolated way.

Like everything requires practice to be perfect in it similarly to be perfect and good one should practice it one daily basis and should be performed with passion. Ballet requires the maximum practice as compared to all the other dance forms. Ballet dancers used to perform while ignoring the law of gravity as an individual floats in the airin long and slow leaps.

They used to maintain their body balance while spinning their body in the air and could not put their eyes on their feet as they move so fastly. Women are lifted by men as they are lighter in weight as compared to men.’
Dance is not only a practice but also a source of income by following your passion. People used to build their career in dancing and go for different competitions all over the world representing their country.

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