Generation Gap

Generation Gap

The word generation refers to the people of the same family that are born and grown together at the same time period. The mentality and living style of different generations are different. They not only differ in living style but also differ in their taste of food and clothes. Generation gap refers to the difference in the opinions, beliefs and virtues of two generations. When we talk about generations there are always four generations that are considered and that are: children, adults, grand parents and our fore fathers. There are many differences between each generation and in their time.

Generation Gap

Difference between the generations:

Fore fathers and Grand parents Generation:

At their time India was not independent and local people were not given any sort of freedom. There was British rule and their sons were given power after them. Local people were not educated and some were unemployed. There were many wars and many freedom fights and movements going on. They were following British people rules and regulations.

They were treated very badly and had to face many problems for their survival. British rulers forced local people for boycotting Indian goods and advised and forced them to adopt British culture and goods. Some Indian people boycotted their rule and were punished and hung in the public as an example that if people will not follow their rules they have to lose their lives.

They were suppressed and were not given freedom to perform any task, even they were insulted by British people. They used to pay high wages for their land and had faced many tortures of British people.

After our fore fathers, our grand parents have seen freedom in 1947.All the British goods and rules were boycotted and Indian rules and regulations were made for the betterment of our country. Indian cultures, religions and festivals were given importance and were celebrated.

This all was there in their generation and then our parents or adults generation came.

Parents Generation:

Our parents generation was the time of Independence. At that time people were totally against British culture and goods so respect for Indian culture and goods were at its peak. This respect generated many misconceptions in some field which raised caste and religion system in our country. Following Indian cultures and Indian religions by the people gave chance to many ill-literate people to create many superstitious thoughts in Indian society. These superstitious people believed that girls should not be treated equal to the boys on the other hand they used to pray goddess which was also a lady. They also believed that girls should wear sarees and suits only as not wearing this would harm their Indian culture. They also created the concept of caste system which includes marriage to be done in same caste and religion.

These were some superstitious thoughts that were named as Indian culture and later were followed by everyone and this became the mentality of the people. People also boycotted fast foods like burger, pizza and many more as it was considered as foreigners food. They started eating roti, pulses, rice and grains which were grown on Indian land and by Indian farmers not in any of the industries established by foreign governors that ruled our country. Some factories were burned will destroying foreign products.

These were some of the activities and things that came into existence in our parents generation which set their mind set.

Our Generation or Present Generation:

This generation or our present generation is the generation with no time. The people are focused on development of India and on their development. As they are focused on development, they do not have time for all such gossips.

Earlier girls were not allowed to do jobs but as per the requirement of industry and also as India is developing girls are getting equals rights and equal participation in all the fields. As earlier, parents were careless towards their daughters education but now they encourage them and even pay more attention as compared to earlier.

Today’s generation is more influenced by foreign culture and adopting it in their day to day life as the development of new industries are increasing. They are adopting their living style as they prefer eating fast foods and they focus on their lifestyle.

They have adopted using ready made goods and clothes because it costs them less and are more fashionable. They have also adopted foreign way of celebrating festivals and foreign outfit as it provide comfort to them.

Concept of Generation Gap:

As our fore fathers, grand parents and our own parents give preference to Indian culture and their style of living so they think that we are violating those rules and letting our country to be ruled by foreign way.

They support our concept of encouraging women in every field as earlier girls were considered and worshiped as goddess. They also encouraged the concept of developing more and more industries as it  increased the financial as well as social terms of India with other countries.

But the conflicts are at adopting foreign outfit style, way of living and many more. Our elders want us to follow our Indian culture of wearing sarees and suits but they should understand that it becomes challenging for girls to work in that. They are also against the concept of love marriage as they say that we younger ones should respect their concept of caste and should not go against it and should marry a girl of their choice but they need to understand that it was easy for earlier people to marry to an unknown girl of their parents choice but now its not possible as girls also have some demands and to understand those you need to talk to them and be comfortable so that you can carry your relationship ahead in future and for this its better to accept love marriage.

The main conflict is on the opinions and the mentality difference between the people of two generations and that is today’s generation people want to live their life to fullest and live their life as lavish life without planning and saving money for future but our elders have the mentality of thinking about future and saving for future whether they have to compromise in their present.

To resolve these conflicts between generations, some advices of elders and some thoughts of younger ones should be done in balanced manner.

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