After completing higher study, when students are about to start a new career, then many of them having two mindset, whether to go for government job or private job? The tug of war between work in private sectors and government sectors in young mind make them confuse. So let’s see the basic difference between them, which will help you to decide your career path according to your knowledge and ability. So, before starting our discussion students need to keep in mind that they should open their mind about all the sectors and not to the fixed sector. And every sector has its advantages and disadvantages, so if you miss one sector then you may miss a golden opportunity to discover your different skill.



Now coming to recruitment process, the most common misconception among the students is that, getting government job is very hard as compared to private job and there vacancies are rare. This is not true, if you have proper skill set, and you are grooming yourself regularly, brushing your knowledge, then no one can beat you. And it is not that private sector jobs are so easy, if you don’t have proper skill set you will not get selected.


And coming to vacancies, for all government jobs both central and state, will be announced publically on their websites, newspaper, different job related sites to ensure that maximum students come to know about the vacancy and apply for it. But this does not happen in private sectors, with the help of consultancies they hire candidates for their companies who clear from initial to final HR round. But it is also true that to apply for government job you have to pay some amount of money but for private sectors it is not applicable. And the vacancies in private sectors increase with increasing the industry, profit and overall growth of a nation. But central government bodies, PSU, PSB are recruiting all year around. So, you can say the level of opportunities is same for both sector.


Now coming to salary, salary is one of the most important motivations for that we do job and this is all about money. Now for government job salary is on average, but it has huge benefits in comparison to private sectors jobs. But in private sectors though initial salary is less but salary hike rate is so high that it may increase annually or sometimes half-yearly too. After one year of experience you can get a high salary package, and that is the main reason for that students dream about private job.


Now if we talk about working time, then I must say you should be free to work in any shift, it may night, it may day or it may be any time. You should free for over time, of course you will be pay for that, but you should complete the given task on time. Company will not tolerate any delay or negligence in work for any kind of reason. But in government job there is fixed working hour, no matter you finished the task on time or not, it actually help you to make plans accordingly. And not to forget, this gives you the opportunity to spend more time with family, friends and most importantly hobby classes.


Now, if students ask me about job security, I will prefer government job, as it is nearly 100% secure. Unless you have taken dishonest way to get the job or you involved in antisocial work or in scam. But for private sector it depends on your work, company’s total profit, and sometimes on your luck. So security is very low, any time you can be fired any time and for any reason.


There are limited leaves at private sectors. If you are working with foreign country people, then only god knows when you will get a break. It may also happen that you can’t secure a leave on festive days. However, all government sectors do not work on government holy days which is a good opportunity for spending time with your family.


The private sector has many benefits like high salary hike, outings, onsite job offer to travel outside of India, gift pack from company and many more. The government sector has concession, medical facility, getting loan and more. Both the sectors have their own benefits.


In government sector you have to do same kind of job every day and it hardly changes, you will work like machine there. Your work only change when you are promoted and when some work is added to the current one. There is no scope of creativity and if you try to show it, the decision making hierarchy barely show it. But in private sector your salary depends on how much creative you are. The more creative you are, the more opportunity you get to grow in an exponential rate.


In government job the age of retirement is almost at the age of 60. And you cannot expect growth after that time. But in private sectors growth depends on your talent and work alone. Now, the ratio of number of applicant to number of vacancies is huge in government job. Entire country population with eligibility can apply. But there is also seat reservation system on cast basis. Whereas, in private sectors you will be refer by a friend or consultancy. And you should have specific depth knowledge about that subject.


We have a huge misconception about government job work pressure. Many of us think that there is no work pressure in government job. This may be past thing, but now both government and private sectors faces an equal amount of work pressure. Type may be different but pressure is same. For both the sectors work load is distributed according your previous work. In both sectors, you have to answer the seniors. For government and private sector both has some goals. But for private there is short term goals and for government sector it has long term goals like end of economical year. But for the both cases you have to achieve the goals.

I would like to conclude my discussion by saying that the people who are about to start their new career, first need to understand their goals, their ability and then you should decide what path is right for you. No one will take responsibility for you and to set a goal for you, you will be the one who is responsible. So think smartly and take decision wisely.

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