Health Benefits of good sleep

Life numbers one goal that is to give your best shot in everything in what you do for your soul, it might conquer the world but what will you do if your body doesn’t listen to you.

Never ever underestimate the power of a good night’s rest, sleep is no less than an extended meditation session, if done correctly.

Now a question rises that why we are considering sleep as an important aspect of life?

Health Benefits of good sleep

Sleep may conquer all your daily stress and tension , it may protect you from many diseases like blood pressure and diabetes but you think that if you want to do something great , you have to work overnight . Well it’s not true, if you have to do something great so you have to be enthusiastic and ready to convert your dreams into reality.

A fresh mood and body basically absorbs the positivism that the whole morning scenario gives us . One thing that benefits you the most is that morning sun rays and there is also a scientific reason behind it that if you wake up and walk into the morning rays your body absorbs a little bit more vitamin D which basically lightens up your skin instantly and boost your body to an extreme level.

Here are some amazing facts about good sleep

1:  A good sleep prevents us from obesity and their is a scientific reason behind it , while we sleep many digestive operations work  in our body and a bad sleep increases the fat in our body  .

2:  A good sleep helps us to learn things better and recognize the face expressions quickly like it is found that the puzzle solvers are likely to sleep before solving puzzles so that they can properly apply their techniques.

3: A good sleep also improves the skin quality and improves the level of testosterone which provides us natural energy and that energy gives you freshness and gives extra energy to hustle.

4: A good sleep improves your immune system and prevents you from normal cold and seasonal fevers.

5: A good sleep also improves your athletic performance and keeps your body active. As we see the athletes takes proper sleep before any event or any championship.

6: A good sleep also helps in losing weight because a person who sleeps well eats less than a person who takes bad sleep.

So these are some unknown facts about sleeping, now a question rises how we can sleep properly so there are some techniques that helps us to get a proper and good sleep.

Technique 1 : Eat before 2-3 hours before sleep and take deeper breaths so that your body get enough oxygen to digest the food and feel your stomach little light.

Technique 2: Avoid exercise and hot showers before sleeping, it effects your sleep badly , there is a scientific reason behind it because you feel sleepy when your body is slightly colder than normal and if you want to be clean so take shower with lukewarm water for a quality sleep.

Technique 3: Stop using phones an hour before going to bed because your sleep depends on the amount of light enter from your eyes so switch off the unwanted lights and make your room slightly darker.

Technique 4 : The best way to get good sleep is read books before you get into the bed because the last thing you have in your mind sets your thinking about the next day so if you read something positive and something regional it helps you to stay positive when you get up next morning .

Technique 5: If you are not a book reader there is an alternative, you can also listen podcasts and soft music which helps you to just relax up your mind .

Last but not the least sleep is something very important and beneficial aspect of life .

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