Homeap.co is a Fake Online Store, Stay away from it.

If you are here to know about Homeap.co website then you are reading a right article. We are providing a truth Homeap review in this article. Homeap is an online shopping store where you can buy different types of products at different prices. But before buying anything from this website you will ask some questions on your mind like, Is Homeap Scam or Is Homeap Legit? If you have no more time to read our full article, still you want to know our final verdict about this website then we want to tell you that Homeap is a Scam site. So please if you don’t want to lose your money and time then please stay away from this website. There are thousands of scam sites are available on the internet which is offering the same business model like Homeap and all those are declared scam, people are asking to return their money but these types of scammers never returns their money to them. You can find many complaints on the Google against this site. We are providing a full Homeap review below in our article, so if you want to know all the reason for not recommending Homeap then please read our full Homeap review below:

Homeap.co Review Homeap Is a Scam Online shopping store.

What is Homeap.co? How Does It Work?

Homeap is an online shopping website which is offering different types of products on their website like, stand Mixers, Dyson, Coffee Maker, Beverage centers (wine cooler), Dishwasher, Food Processors and Microwaves. If you will give a deep look at their price lists then you will find that the most products are same prices also they are offering up to 78% discount on their every product. They are showing 100% 5-star rating on their all products. According to their discount, rating and price comparison, this is not hard to say that this is a Scam site. They are providing these offers because they want to loot people money. So if you don’t want to lose your money, please stay away from this website.

Homeap did not provide their owner information on their website, they have hidden themsleves completely. They have no records in WHOIS also. So how can be anyone trusts this website? If they are not a scammer, then why they are hiding themselves? It is because they are not working a genuine work and they are here to make a big scam.

If someone makes mistake to order from this website either anyone has already ordered then please don’t think that they will deliver your product. There are 99% chances that they will not deliver your product. In case, you are lucky and you have received your order still you will not happy after open this. Because they will send you very low or poor quality product, this will totally different as you ordered. This is the reason we are not recommending this site.

Homeap.co ask people to share their personal information with them, but please be aware; never share your personal information on these types of scam sites. These types of sites collect people’s information and sell into any third parties, third parties misuses people’s personal information for their personal uses. They also store your credit card details if you have used on their website before and charged money without your permission. If someone has already provided their card information with them, please remove your card information and contact your bank as soon as possible and ask them to refund your money.


Homeap.co is a Scam site. Reasons to declared Homeap a scam site are given in our above article. So if you don’t want to lose your time and money then please keep a distance from this website. Homeap is not a single website which is using this technique to loot people, there are many other websites are available on the internet as Homeap. But it is our advice to you that always read an honest review before buying anything from any new online shopping website.


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