How many number of tigers remain in the world?

In 20th century, there were 100k tigers in the world. According to World Wild Life (WWL), there are only 3,900 tigers remain or left in the world. This means approximately 97% of tigers in the world has lost. Tigers subspecies, the Bali found in Indonesian Island, Javan was the hyper-local Indonesia cat and Caspian found from eastern Turkey to western China, have become extinct in the world.

How many number of tigers left in the world?

The reason behind tigers has become endangered because they used to hunt by man. Some people think that Killing tiger is considered as a status symbol. But now to kill tiger is illegal. Tiger body parts also use medicine.

According to 2016 report, the wild tiger count has been increased in few countries included India – 2,226, Russia – 433, Nepal – 198, Bhutan – 103. India has the large number or population of tigers.

If we want to see tigers in future, we will have to take a step and more work is needed to save the tigers. So that, our future generation can sees them. Because tigers are in crisis and declining in numbers.


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