How to Reduce Stress From Your Life

In today’s work life stress seems to have become an integral part of the corporate ecosystem. The long hours of work, competition from peers and tight deadlines keep you on your toes. This often results in the accumulation of stress and anxiety, impacting your performance and work efficiency.

There are several ways through which you can reduce stress from your life. Some of these are so effective that if practiced daily, you would feel a fresh burst of energy inside you, apart from making live a stress free life.

Let us look at some of these methods on how to reduce stress from your life.

How to reduce stress from your life

Deep Breathing:

Though this sounds strange, deep breathing can help reduce stress to a great extent. If you have observed your breath while you have been stressed you might have noticed that your breathing is short and shallow. This ultimately increases your heartbeat.

To counter this you can just sit with your eyes closed and take slow and long deep breaths. Do this for five minutes and see how settled your mind becomes. Breathing releases around 90% of the toxins from our body. Breathing exercises are one of the main ways of reducing stress.


Hitting the gym or going on a jog in the mornings can help you deal with stress on a daily basis. You might have seen how people who exercise regularly experience a minimal amount of anxiety and stress.

Being under constant stress can increase the level of cortisol – stress hormones in your body. Exercises like yoga stretches, and gym can help reduce the cortisol levels in the body. Exercise also helps to release endorphins which helps to reduce the perception of pain and mental stress.

Become more organized:

Plan out your work schedule in such a way that your productivity and efficiency is enhanced. Often we get stressed by taking up too much work. Time constraints and individual capacity should be taken into consideration before signing up for any optional overload of work.

This will help you complete the existing work in time, making you ready for the future flow of work without letting you become stressed.

Do something creative:

Listening to music, writing your thoughts out or practising any sport can help you reduce stress. If you have been doing the same task for a considerable length of time, take a break and do something totally unrelated to it.
This helps to use both the cognitive and creative side of your brain, enabling you to relax and rejuvenate both sides. In a study published in the Harvard Business Review it was concluded that switching between two sets of task can help you approach each task with a fresh angel.

Socialise with people:

Humans like any other animal species love to interact within their own specie. Talking and reaching out can help you garner support and friendship from them.

Make plans for the weekend or call them over to your house. This helps you to break from the bubble of constant work pressure and spend quality time with your friends and family.

Laugh and Smile:

You must have heard the proverb – Laughter is the best medicine! Indeed it is. It helps to release mental stress and also relaxes your muscles. You would be surprised to know that it takes only 17 muscles to smile and 43 muscles to frown.

Practising to smile on a regular basis can also help you increase the positive outlook of life and improve your mood.

It has become one of the main ways to release stress. Yoga simply means to unite. When your body, breath and mind unite, you experience a feeling of elevation that helps you become stress free and experience the present moment with a greater awareness.

All the Yoga styles give emphasis on two aspects – posture and breathing. It is through the combination of these postures and breathing patterns that you are able to experience a better mood and higher level of energy and awareness.


Though the popular perception is that meditation is an activity that involves bringing the focus of the mind to something specific, in reality it is totally contrary. Meditation in simple terms is deconcentration.

You can put on some light music and just observe the thoughts and feelings that you are experiencing. What happens when you go for a movie? You just sit and watch what’s going on, in the same way just sit and observe everything happening inside you. This also helps to increase mindfulness and reduces stress phenomenally.


The idea of how to reduce stress from your life might have seemed a bit difficult to comprehend in the beginning but now you are aware about them.

Some of these like breathing and staying organised can be practised from right this moment. So go ahead and live a healthy and stress free life!

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