Is Banana good for Healthy Body? Health Benefits of the Bananas

One of the most widely consumed, used and good for healthy fruit is Banana. It might seem surprising but it is true. There are many benefits of the Banana, for example, it could help a person to lower their blood pressure and reduce the risks of cancer and asthma. There are other and more benefits we are going to discuss in this Banana review, like Potential Health Benefits of Banana. What are the side effects of excessive intake bananas? How many calories a Banana contains in its bag?

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In monetary value, bananas are ranked fourth in the world which is grown into the 107 countries of the world. In America, the consumption of banana is more than the combined consumption of apples and oranges.

Health Benefits of Bananas

  1. Bananas contain a good amount of potassium and fiber in it. They help to prevent asthma, High blood pressure, digestive problems, cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Potassium is a very important mineral that helps to maintain the fluid in the body and also regulates the movement of the nutrients and waste products in and out of the cells.
  2. For the patient suffering from high blood pressure banana is the best fruit. It is said that to maintain a low sodium intake is vital to reducing the blood pressure. On the other hand, increasing the intake of potassium is good and important due to its vasodilatation effects. For the fact, high potassium intake is linked with a 20% decreased risk of dying from all causes.
  3. Banana reduces the asthma chances by 34 % in the person and children who ate at least one banana per day, according to the study conducted by the Imperial College of London.
  4. Consuming fruit contains Vitamin C like bananas, oranges, and others in the first two years of life may reduce the risk of developing childhood leukemia. Vitamin C rich fruits help to combat the formation of free radicals that are known to cause cancer. On the other hand, high fiber intake is linked with a lowered risk of colorectal cancer.
  5. The components of the banana like fiber, potassium, vitamin C and B6 all are a very good supporter of a healthy heart. If any person wants to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases then the increase of potassium intake along with a decrease in sodium intake is imperative. It means that creating a habit one banana every day may help you to have a good and healthy heart. Note: High potassium intake also reduces the risk of stroke. It protects against loss of muscle mass and prevents the bone mineral density. It also reduces the formation of kidney stone in the body.
  6. One of the new lifestyle diseases is diabetes. Almost every nation people are suffering from it. The rise of diabetes is also seen in 21st century around the world. From studies conducted by different institutions has shown that type 1 diabetic people who consume more fiber diets have lower blood glucose levels. For the type 2 diabetic people, high fiber diet improves blood sugar, lipids, and insulin levels.
  7. Doctors recommend diarrhea patient to increase the intake of bland foods like applesauce and bananas. They are one of the parts of the approach known as BRAT diet. BRAT stands for Banana, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast. During diarrhea, potassium is lost in large quantity and the banana can help to replace the lost potassium nutrients.
  8. Banana has an amino acid name tryptophan which plays a role in preserving memory in human and also boosting their mood.

Calories and other components in Banana

According to the study conducted in America, the dietary guidelines for Americans are recommended 21-25gm/day for women and 30-38gm for men.

One medium-size banana contains around 126 grams.  It contains 110 calories in it with 30 gm of carbohydrates. It also contains 1gm of protein in it.

Bananas are naturally free of fat and it is very good for people considering losing weight. It is also free of cholesterol and sodium therefore beneficial for heart patients and also people want to have a healthy heart.

Side effect of the excess use of Bananas

Consumption of too much potassium can be very harmful to those people whose kidneys are not being fully functional. It is because if the kidney is unable to remove the excess of potassium from your blood then it could be fatal.

It has been also seen; bananas trigger the migration of some people. It is advisable for those people who often experience migraine headaches do not consume much of bananas.

As we have aforementioned that banana is a high fiber fruit, therefore, eating too much fiber can also lead to bloating, gas and stomach cramps sometimes. Therefore eat banana judiciously to take the full benefits of its mineral and nutrients.

Bananas also contain a lot of fiber. Eating too much fiber can lead to bloating, gas, and stomach cramps.

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