Is Black Rice good for your health? Health benefits of black rice

If you are having a bowl full of black rice, then it means you are having a bowl full of all the nutrients. Black rice is also known as forbidden rice and it is considered healthier and beneficial as compared to other rice varieties. Black rice contains all necessary nutrients such as flavonoids, dietary fibre, vitamin B, vitamin E, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and others. If you want to know, how black rice is good for you? What are the health benefits of black rice? What are the calories content of black rice? Then continue reading this article.

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Is black rice good for you?

Yes black rice are highly beneficial for everyone, whether you are a diabetic or suffering from cancer or wants to lose weight, Black rice are healthy for everybody. Black rice is being eaten from ancient times. They were popular among emperors and common people were prohibited from using them. The intake of black rice on a regular basis will not only prevent you from diseases but will also keep you fit and healthy.

Health benefits of black rice

  1. Black rice contains highest amount of antioxidant anthocyanin than any other food including brown rice and other rice varieties. Anthocyanin has the ability to prevent mild to serious illness. Apart from this black rice also contains antioxidant Vitamin E, which is useful for eyes, skin and immune system.
  1. Several studies stated that black rice prevents the atherosclerotic plaque formation in arteries, which prevents heart attacks and stroke. The presence of anthocyanins phytochemicals in black rice maintains healthy cholesterol level in our body by reduces total cholesterol, Low-density lipoprotein, and total triacylglycerol concentrations, which usually leads to serious cardiovascular diseases.
  1. Black rice and other varieties of rice contains good amount of dietary fiber which improves digestive system and prevents other digestion related problems like constipation and bloating. It also helps in regular bowl function. The presence of good amount of fiber in black rice helps feeling full and satisfied for a longer period.
  1. Black rice contains no gluten, which usually found in all rice varieties. People with gluten sensitivity usually experience diarrhea, constipation, bloating and risk of developing leaky gut syndrome.
  1. Black rice helps in detoxifying our body naturally and it also cleanse our liver from harmful toxins because of its high antioxidant content. The presence of phytonutrients in black rice reduces inflammation and cleanses our body to eliminate harmful substances.
  1. Black rice is proven useful in preventing diabetes and obesity by slowing down the absorption of sugar in blood. The presence of fiber, nutrients and antioxidants helps in slowing down the process.
  1. Due to the presence of good amount of fiber in black rice, it prevents hunger for a long time. Black rice is also low in calories which prevent weight gain.
  1. Anthocyanin antioxidant in black rice cures live damage cause by alcohol. It also prevents other liver diseases such as fatty liver. The consumption of black rice increase blood lipid levels, which helps in lowering the cholesterol level and triglycerides.

Side effects of black rice

Eating something in moderation is always good for health whereas over eating can cause many problems like vomiting and nausea. Black rice is known for its nutritional and beneficial properties but keeping track of your diet is always good for avoiding problems.

There are no known side effects of black rice till now although researchers are conducting their studies for studying the same.

Nutritional value of black rice

One cup of black rice contains 180 grams of calories. They are low in calories and that’s why are beneficial for people who wants to lose some weight. Other than that one cup of black rice contains only 2 grams of fat no cholesterol, 268 grams of potassium, 34 grams carbohydrate and no sugar. These beneficial qualities of black rice not only make them preferable for diabetics and other patients, but also to normal people also.

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