Is Brown Rice good for you? Health benefits of Brown Rice

Yes they are. Brown rice has higher nutritional value than ordinary white rice and they are considered one the healthiest rice varieties and that’s why slowly they are becoming very popular among people. Brown rice has many health benefits such as it lowers cholesterol in our body and prevents obesity, prevents cardiovascular, immune system and nervous system diseases. It contains magnesium, manganese, protein, carbohydrate and other nutrients. If you want to know more health benefits of brown rice, side effects of brown rice and calories in brown rice then continue reading.

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Health benefits of brown rice

  1. High content of magnesium in brown rice is good for heart, because of magnesium necessity for regulating blood pressure and offsetting sodium content in our body. So consumption of brown rice can maintain healthier carotid arteries and blood pressure level. It also reduces the risk of cardiac disorders like high hypertension and vascular diseases.
  1. Brown rice contains dietary fibre which is best known for its dietary benefits. It keeps our dietary system healthy and maintains bowel movement by preventing diseases like constipation. Brown rice is also gluten free which makes them preferable for gluten sensitive people.
  1. Brown rice is a slow release carbohydrate which helps in maintaining blood sugar level and helps in feeling energetic for a longer period. Brown rice also contains proteins which makes it even healthier than other refined grains.
  1. The presence of hypocholesterolemic qualities in brown rice helps regulating cholesterol catabolism. It maintains healthy level of cholesterol in our body, along with maintaining body mass index and prevents obesity.
  1. Brown rice is also beneficial for the proper functioning of brain and nervous system due to the presence of vitamin B and essential nutrition including manganese. It helps preventing sudden surge of calcium into nervous cell, which helps in keeping nerves and muscles relax.
  1. The presence of high amount of magnesium and calcium in brown rice prevents bone demineralization. Brown rice is also proved beneficial in conditions like arthritis, osteoporosis and other bone diseases.
  1. Brown rice also contains anti-depressant properties which help in preventing anxiety and related conditions. The presence of essential amino acids like glutamine, gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GAMA), and glycerine in germinated brown rice facilitates the reduction of messages associated with anxiety, stress and depression and results in relax state of mind.
  1. Brown rice is also proved beneficial for treating insomnia because they are good source of sleep hormone called melatonin. It will also enhance the quality of sleep and will maintain sleep cycle.
  1. The low glycemic index of brown rice helps in reducing insulin and stabilizes the blood sugar level in our body. That why they are proven beneficial for diabetic and hyperglycemic patients.

Side effects of brown rice

Excessive eating of anything can cause many problems whereas keeping count of diet does not affect in any way, so while eating brown rice always try to maintain your diet for preventing any side effects.

Brown rice is one of the nutritional foods which can benefit our body in many ways, but due to the excessive use of pesticides and insecticides on crops, people are suffering from different kinds of problems because husk and peels are mostly comes in contact of these pesticides. So avoid using cheap quality of brown rice.

There is no particular side effects of brown rice have been declared yet.

Nutritional value of Brown rice

A bowl of cooked brown rice contains 216 calories, 5 grams of protein, 1.8 milligram manganese, 44.8 grams of carbohydrate, 83.9 grams of magnesium, 1.2 milligram of magnesium, 19.5 milligram of calcium and 83.9 milligrams of calcium. Brown rice is full of nutrients and one can fulfill the nutritional requirement of body by having a bowl of brown rice daily.

Brown rice is suitable for everyone and they will not harm your body in any way.

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