Is Grapefruit good for you? Health Benefits of Grapefruit

Grapefruit is one of the best subtropical fruit which is rich in vitamin and has sweet and sour taste. In some of the varieties has a sour and slightly bitter taste also. In Hindi, Grapefruit is known as Chakotra. In this article, we are going to answer some questions like what are the Health Benefits of Grapefruit. What are side-effects of grapefruits? How much amount of Calories it contain?

If you look into the history of the grapefruits it was first cultivated in Barbados. At present time grapefruit is cultivated in China, the US particularly Florida, California and other semi-tropical southern states. The grapefruits are very juicy and they are acidic in nature with varying colors ranging from pink, white, and red.

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Health Benefits of Grapefruits

  1. Weight loss: There is scientific evidence present which said that eating grapefruit on a regular basis helps to lose weight significantly. Intake of grapefruits lowers the insulin in the body instead of storing sugar and converting them to fats. So it is used as a fuel that helps to weight loss. They also block the absorption of carbs in the body which is one of the prominent factors to reduce the weight.
  2. Prevent Cancer: Grapefruits are rich in flavonoids; flavonoids help the body fight infections. They also prevent the body free from carcinogens that are the cause of cancer. Pectin which acts as a bulk laxative and helps to protect the colon mucous membrane is present in high level inside the grapefruit. It kills the cancer cells and also helps in the production of healthy colon cells.  The red color of the grapefruit is due to the presence of a carotenoid pigment which is known as Lycopene; it is the very powerful agent to fight tumors. It has been seen the Lycopene works at best with Vitamin A and C and the best part is that both vitamins are present in the grapefruits.
  3. Help Cholesterol problems: Grapefruit helps to reduce cholesterol level due to the presence of the anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are very useful for a healthy body. From the studies, it has been seen that consumption of grapefruit can decrease cholesterol level up to 15% and can decrease triglyceride levels to 17%.  Grapefruit also helps to boost the heart health and reduce the heart diseases which are caused by high cholesterol.
  4. Improve Vision: Beta-carotene is present in a good amount in the pink and red grapefruits which are very good and necessary for the eyes and lead to improvement to the vision. Eating one grapefruit for a day will help you fight against the ravages of eyes strain and aging problems.
  5. Solve Arthritis problems: salicylic acid helps to break down the body’s calcium which builds up the cartilage of join paints is present in good percentage inside the grapefruit. Joint pains lead to arthritis. To get the best result drink the grapefruit juice along with apple cider vinegar.


42 calories contained in a 100gm of grapefruit. Now you can understand it is a very good fruit for the people suffering from diabetes problems. There are other benefits of grapefruit is present like it helps immune system.

Nutrition value

Grapefruit is a very excellent source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, pantothenic acid, copper, dietary, fiber, potassium, biotin and vitamin B1. Limonoids and lycopene phytochemicals are also present in the grapefruits.

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