Largest state in United States

Alaska is the largest state in United States. Alaska covers 17.53% land area of United States which is around 665,384.0 sq. Miles. Texas is a second largest state in United States.

Largest state in United States

Alaska combines the area of 22 smallest US states. It has one of the sparsely populated places in the world with 3 million residents. It’s a 3rd least populous. Fishing, oil extraction and natural gas are the dominant economic activities in the Alaska.

According to the United States Bureau of Land Management, United States Federal Government contains 65% of land in Alaska. English is most popular language used in Alaska; some people also speak Asian, Native, Indo-European and Spanish language. And major religions are Hindu, Judaism, Buddhist, Islam, Muslim, and Mormon. Alaska per capital personal income was $73, 00 in 2018.

The most widely region of Alaska are: South Central, Southeast, Interior, Southwest, North Slope, Aleutian Islands.

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