What is Megaebook? Is Megaebook.cc Scam or Legit?

If you are surfing the internet to know more about Megaebook.cc then you have arrived at the right place. In this Megaebook Review, we are going to discuss some of the frequently asked questions related to it such as, is Megaebook Scam? Is Megaebook Legit? Is Megaebook Real? Or is Megaebook Fake?

In this era of internet where everything is available online, the craze of electronic books is also increasing among people. There are many websites which provides unlimited access of electronic books to readers. Apart from the older procedure where one will have to go to the bookstore and then buy the books, in today’s world we can buy books online and they will deliver the books to you. But this online service is not free. These websites provide a free trial of one month and after that they start charging the subscription fees or book fees. There are some genuine websites and some scam sites working in the market. If you do not want to read the whole article and looking for a more precise answer then we do not recommend Megaebook to our readers because this is a scam site and therefore we advise our readers to avoid it and beware of these scam websites.

What is megaebook


How does Megaebook work?

Megaebook is a platform which offers access to online and e-books. Once you enter the website it will ask you to create your account. It will also ask you for your credit card details because once the free trial period is over; the website will start deducting subscription charges from your account. It will charge $1 for verifying the credit card. Usually this procedure is also followed by other online bookstores and that’s why it seems totally fine but the working of this website is quite suspicious.

During the registration procedure, website will ask for your email account and then financial information like credit card details. For verifying the credit card, $1 will be deducted from your account for knowing whether it is fake or real. They want to make sure that the readers they are dealing with do not try to fool them.

The website does not present any information about its owner. They have also guarded their owner information in WHOIS records. This makes people helpless if they ever try to complaint against them. This is one of the most common characteristics of scam sites. One the one hand they are making sure that information provided by you is true while on the other hand they are trying to hide their true identity from their members which looks suspicious. Their intentions are not genuine and instead of selling books they want to cheat people.

The other problem reported with this website is that whenever you will try to order a book, money will be deducted from your account but you will never receive your book. They are trying to cheat the people from taking their money without providing anything in return. This proves that the credibility of this website is zero and they are not trustworthy.

This company also tries to sell the personal information of its members to the third party without the consent of its members. The combination of all these data is known as big data and when this data is sold to another party, they uses this information for many purpose such as understanding the behavior or pattern of consumers. This is against the ethical working of any company and no one is allowed to use another person’s information without their knowledge.

The risk of your credit card being hacked or misuse is also very high if you have shared your credit card details with these fraud companies or websites. Before sharing your financial information with anyone always makes sure that they are trustworthy enough because websites like Megaebook can leak your financial information which makes your financial account vulnerable to hackers. The risk of theft on financial accounts has been increased because of internet.


Megaebook is a scam and fraudulent site which will make fool of you and we think that above mentioned reasons are enough to prove that. Before investing your money on any websites for buying books or anything make sure that they are credible. We do not recommend this website to our readers.

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