NVVS.com Review: Legit or a Scam? 

If we are talking about a scam, this is also known as fraud. They offer services or products to people and yet, they do not actually have them. It’s just trying to gain an amount of money and in return, they provide you with something far less valuable or even, nothing at all. Due to an astronomical amount of consumers or customers that access the internet on daily basis, they intend to make negotiations and acquiring things easily.

Online shops are now sensational, comfortable, and easy access which is really an attraction to any consumers as long as there is an internet access. How do we know if a website is a scam? There are certain factors that we need to know in determining one such as location, the owner, popularity, and product pricing. Is NVVS legit or a scam?

NVVS.com Review Legit or a Scam

Working of NVVS.com

Nvvs.com is also an online shop offers products such as clothing, beauty products or accessories, and gadgets or electronics. Entering the website at first look, it seems a legit one just like other websites like Lazada, Amazon, and other popular websites.

It has simple, easy to use, and not complex tabs with categories popular from other websites. They also have a pleasing Homepage that makes everyone to look more into the site. See the captured picture below.     Taking you deeper into the website, the server load of the website is pointing out to Canada which is a server used by regular websites since Canadian servers hold most basic to complex servers. These servers are mostly used due to its fast and reliable load traffic.

The owner of the website is totally a mystery but on some reviews and other relevant articles, the owner is residing in China which is really a risky location. China is known for having records of scams throughout the internet.

The website contains a variety of products that are suitable to any consumers may it be men, women, and even babies. They also provide different types of electronics like smartphones and its accessories, tablets, laptops, speakers and other electronics.

The popularity of the website is very low, and advertisements about the site are few and posted only on some free hosting websites. They do provide a variety of products, but how about the pricing? The pricing of the products is not appropriate to base on the market value of the current item. Some of their products are priced relatively high and others are low.

For example, a certain company initial release of the product is amounting $200 with a market value ranging from that price to $215. But the website offers it lower than the initial release of the current item.

You can try to visit the website and compare some of their products to other online stores. According to some consumers that tried to purchase on some items, they do really provide you an item but the item provided is way different from what you are expecting. They provide you an imitation to the real one with less quality and durability. It’s just making you pay a thousand worth of the item and when the item arrived, it’s just garbage.

Others even looked into the website, but before purchasing, they posted on the query section of a certain product and asked why the product pricing is low, but someone on the website just deleted it. Something is really not right on this website.


Due to these facts that we have observed and experienced first-hand, nvvs.com is really a scam website. If you are still going to purchase something on the website, then do on your own risk.

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