Obesity is mainly known as excessive amount of fat present in body. The height and weight ratio is not at normal state in this kind of disease. This is not a cosmetic problem or not a kind of normal problem which you can control by the intake of medicine. It is a kind of medical problem where high risk of other health risk problems take place. The heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure may be the effect of obesity, and this type of disease is not a normal disease. It keeps huge impact on human body. Sometimes it may also cause cancer.

Now a day the obesity has affected people on increasing day by day. In India 30% of people are suffering from obesity and it is also increasing the health budget. The reasons behind of obesity are fast food habit, diet, exercise choice, stuck on a chair etc. which somewhere impacts your body badly.


But this is also true that, in modern life people are well concern about their health, fitness. And there are also many gadgets which use to measure these things.


There are many symptoms which indicate that you are suffering from obesity. The most scientific procedure is measure of BMI (body mass index) of your body. BMI is nothing but measure the ratio of your weight to your height. Doctors give the BMI rate and give respective weight status. When BMI is below 18.5, then it is underweight. When BMI is 18.5-24.9 then your weight is normal. When BMI is 25.0-29.9 then you are at overweight. And when your BMI is 30.0 and higher then you should concern about yourself that you are suffering from obesity.

But this is also true that, BMI measure estimate body fat, not directly. So sometimes it can happen for muscular athlete’s BMI is 30 or above, even though that athlete is fit. So, if you found any misbehavior of your body due to weight, then you should immediately concern to a doctor. And discuss about your diet, exercise. If you not concern about your obesity from the very beginning you are going to suffer from many other diseases.


Obesity mainly depends on genetics, and harmonic influence. But obesity can also occur when you are consuming more calories than you burn it through exercise. And normal daily activities without proper exercises leads to body store extra calories, and this is the cause of obesity.

Now a day, most Indian diets also consist of fast food, high-calorie beverages, junk food and so on, which contains high rated calories. When you are under you eat a lot of food which are the most common activity of obesity suffered by many people.


From the parents whatever you inherit is known as genes and it may directly affect your body. How amount of food you eat, what amount of food you store, what amount of food will convert to energy, what amount of calorie will burn when you working out and after eating excess food how your body reacts, all are restricted and controlled by genes.

Obesity goes through family because not only for genetic reason, but also for food culture of that family, and a misconception about healthy and unhealthy food.


When you go for unhealthy diet like high calorie fast food or junk food except fruits and vegetables then your body cannot burn all the calories as a result of which body fat increases. When you take liquid calories like alcohol, soft drinks then you are actually consuming high rated calories and it increases your weight. The other most important thing is people don’t exercise or work out daily as a result of which their excess calorie store in the body. And in office maximum people stuck to the computers for many hours every day and people become so lazy today that they hardly move their body. Activities like this are increasing the weight and make the person unhealthy.


Prader-willi syndrome, Cushing’s syndrome is the genetic disorder which is responsible for your weight gain rapidly. There are some other diseases which decrease your activity like arthritis may cause your weight gain. The antidepressants, diabetes medications, steroids are the medicines that will add something to your weight.


There are many social factors that are directly proportional to obesity. If there is no walking place, or no gym in your locality then it is difficult for you to avoid obesity. The most important thing is that, when you are not surrounded by people who are health, body and fitness conscious but only unhealthy people, it is very hard for you to motivate yourself to stay healthy.


Obesity is not bounded into adult. It may attack any aged people, the child, young, teen, middle aged, or even old people. But normally with the increasing of age, huge changes occur in hormones, and result is obesity. It is also true that with the increase of age, the number of muscle of human body decrease, and that cause decrease in metabolism. And when it decrease, the amount of needed calorie decrease, so when someone keep eating same amount of calories without working out, then he/she will initialize their journey of obesity.


During pregnancy gaining weight is a very common thing, it also may continue after the baby born. This weight gain can cause obesity, only breast-feeding is the best option to cure during pregnancy.

Another cause may be quitting smoking. Like when you try to quit smoke, then normally people eat more food, to forget about this thing. But if it happens for long time it may cause obesity.

Getting no time for sufficient sleep, your body hormone may change, for that you may weight gain. Same thing applicable when you spending a stressful life. People normally go for high rated calorie food when they are in bad mood.

Another reason is, when you previously went for gym, but now you are not continuing, this maybe cause of weight gain.


High blood pressure and abnormal cholesterol level is the main effect of obesity, as a result a high risk of heart diseases and strokes. Obesity also affects your body insulin which is actually controlling your sugar level of body, so result is type 2 diabetes. It causes breast, liver, kidney, ovary cancer. Obesity may also cause gynecological and sexual problem, sleeping problem, osteoarthritis and many more.


Your whole world may change when you gain weight too much. You can’t participate in enjoyable activities, sports. You like to avoid public places and may encountered discrimination. The other issues are depression, sexual problem, lower work achievement, social isolation and many more.


When you are gaining weight then you have to take some steps:

Exercise regularly at least walk or run for an hour. You should make healthy food plans and be strict to that plan. There must be a good proportion of all kind of protein, carbohydrate and fat. You should include fruits and vegetables. You should avoid oil, junk food and fast food. You should monitor your weight regularly and most importantly be consistent to your plans. If you are inconsistent and cheat then none can help you.

It can be concluded by saying you should be aware about your fitness and healthiness. If you are suffering from obesity then you cannot complete your tasks on time and it also puts impacts on your career. So fight to stay fit.


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