RaketDito.com Review: Is It Worth to Work on This Site?

Hello friends, we know you are also wondering about the RaketDito.com site. We have done our research and the outcome is very clear i.e. it is a scam site. We are saying that because we have found the genuine negative point about this site. And believe us the negative points of this site are way more than its positive points. So this RakeDito review is all about those points. Here, we want to congrats you that you have taken your time to know about such a company whose working seems to be like a scam one. This article also touches some questions like, is RaketDito Scam? Or is RaketDito Legit? Or is RaketDito Fake? Or is RaketDito Real? After reading this article you do not have to read any other review. We are going to reveal the whole truth regarding this site. So let’s start our journey.

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What is RaketDito? Reasons behind declaring it a scam

See, RaketDito is cryptocurrency mining company. Last year we have seen the surge in the cryptocurrency market everyday bitcoin was crossing its previous records. Many companies on the internet launch their website to avail the benefit of this bitcoin market. Since many people do not know about the working and much about cryptocurrency, so many scam sites also launch their website regarding the same. RaketDito is one of them. They are claiming that you can mine their own cryptocurrency using the power of digital devices like smartphones, computer, laptops and other. You will get 90% of the cryptocurrency and the company will take only 10% of it. The other way to earn money on this site is by completing the surveys. They have a gambling game which is known as Money Machine. Here, we want to tell you that we have seen other cryptocurrency mining site which has the same gambling game on their site. It means all the scammers are using the same strategy or same scammer group is making a site with the same strategy. RaketDito fails in providing the proof of their working. We do not know how they are operating and how one can mine cryptocurrency easily on this site, while in real mining bitcoin requires huge power and very high tech machines. They also fail to proof from which companies they are getting the surveys, which they are providing to you. In short, there is no verifiable source of income present on this site.

We always believe that transparency is the must for any company and Raketdito has failed at this point. We do not know or they have not mentioned any name or information about their owner and from where they are operating. We search about them in WHOIS records. Not surprisingly, they have hidden their identity there. This is the most common feature you will find among the scam sites or scammers. They hide their identity for the simple reason to not get caught for their sin.  The payment proof you will find on the site is fake and bogus. They were self-created by them to fool people.

These sites earn revenue by selling your information to the third party. Yes the information you provide while registering on the site, they use that data and turned it into a big data which they sell on a very handsome price and earn a very great revenue. If somebody provides their financial information to them then he becomes vulnerable to cyber-attack because these are unethical people and use another way to earn money.


RaketDito is a scam site and we do not recommend it. They are not good for anything and to anybody. They are just using new phenomena to loot others. So if you don’t want to loot by them so please stay away from this website. Now share this information with your friends or family.

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