Reason behind the typewriting keys arrangement

Remington and Sons designed the first typewriter called Remington No.2 in 1878.

As we are familiar about the “QWERTY” Keyboard. It’s a six letter sequential order of top left of the keyboard which are Q,W,E,R,T,Y. This design based on the layout keyboard.

Reason behind the typewriting keys arrangement

The reason behind the key arrangement of QWERTY is to make the typing speed fast and convenient to the user. So that easy to type and comfortable to user. But in this keyboard characters or keys were set into the end of a bars. When we press the keys, the bar automatically pressed, so bar and key collide with each other and get jammed or stuck.

But the QWERTY layout is different from the Dvorak layout. Because Dvorak layout minimize or reduces the distance covered by the fingers. It placed all the important used keys on one row so that its easy to type and your fingers need not to cover distance to press the keys.

If you see the Dvorak keyboard, you get to know the arrangement of the keys are quit different. The left hand of the keyboard contain vowels and some consonants, and right hand of the keyboard contain only consonants.

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