Responsibilities of a tutor

Tutor provides the academic services to the variety of individual and groups of people. The main purpose of a tutor is to encourage the students in their subjects. Tutor is responsible for the course coordinator by providing tutorial support and guidance to the students in homework, assignment, test preparation, problem solving etc.

Responsibilities of a tutor

Duties or responsibilities of a tutor:

  • Provide academic support to the students.
  • Help to teach one-on-one or face-to-face contact with individual or group of students.
  • Help student to understand different subjects.
  • Provide guidance in such as in algebra problems, easy writing, solve problems, explain various topics etc.
  • Help to development student’s skills.
  • Encourage critical thinking and help student to improve their learning process.
  • Clear all the doubts and quarries of students, especially those who are shy in classroom and could not ask any questions to the teachers.
  • Keep the record of student’s progress.
  • Provide the comfortable and learning climate to the students.






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