Seven Wonders of the World

As the name suggest, the Seven Wonders of the World refers to the things or monuments whose architecture has amazed the people by their appearance and existence. They are not only beautiful in their appearance but also have some story behind their construction.

The lists of the monuments that have struggled a lot to be the part of the Seven Wonders of the World are:

Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is considered as the first wonder of the world because of its height and its architecture. This wall protects China from nomadic groups. The Great Wall of China was made in several parts and later it was joined by Qin Shi Huang in 220-206 BC, who was the first emperor of China at that time. It is the name given to the collection of the systems that are built near northern borders of China which protects the China from many things. The front wall of this monument was stretched from Liaodong in the east to Lop Lake in the west. There is also a myth that this monument can be seen from moon which was created and spread among the people by William Stukeley in 1754.

Great wall of china

Great Pyramid of Giza

Great Pyramid of Giza is situated in Egypt and lies at the last position in Seven Wonders of the World list. It is the highest man made structure in the world and is situated on Giza plateau which is near city of Cairo. It is 455 feet high and was made before 3800 years. It was completed in 1311 AD by Lincoln Cathedral. The great pyramid of Giza was layered by lime stones which gives the building a smooth surface from outside. It was the tallest structure that was constructed by humans until Eiffel Tower was built. Actually the construction of this great structure is still in dilemma and no one knows what exactly the measures and to check this many researchers are running to this building. Some scientists are also trying to predict the original height of the pyramid which was 480.6 feet but due to erosion it became 455.4 feet.

great pyramid of giza

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is situated in Cusco region of Cirubamba which is province in Machu Picchu district and this monument is an Inca citadel in 15th century. Some researchers believe Machu Picchu is a estate of Inca emperors. In earlier times, this is also known as “Lost City of Incas”. This monument was not very much famous until the historian of America Hiram Bingham put a light on it and attracted more and more tourists towards it. Machu Picchu was built from dry stone and consists of three parts: first one is a room which has three windows, the second one is a sun temple and the third one is called Intihuatana. This monument is also declared as the historic sanctuary of Peruvian in 1981.

macchu picchu

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza is situated in Mexico and this monument was constructed by the people of Maya which are of terminal classic period. This monument was a hot property from late classic to terminal classic period. The architecture of this monument is full of beautiful patterns and designs and also uses different style. This monument was a great power of economy for the Mexico people as many visitors come and visit. The design of its beautiful styles was developed in 750 AD to 900 AD but the final construction work was completed in 900 AD.

chichen itza

The Roman Colosseum

The Roman Colosseum is situated in Rome, Italy. The shape of this monument is oval amphitheater that’s why it is also named as Flavian Amphitheater. This monument is made up of brick faced concrete, volcanic rocks, travertine limestone. This monument was built under the rule of Vespasian in 72 AD and it took 8 years to complete it and when the construction work of this monument was completed, Titus was the emperor and was ruling over the Rome. But due to some incomplete construction it again came under modifications and it took 15 years more to modify it and by the time modifications were completed to the building then Domitian became the emperor.

Roman colloseum

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is situated in Agra which is in Uttar Pradesh. This monument is so beautiful and is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is made up of white marble and is situated near the banks of Yamuna River. This monument is also considered as the sign of true love as it was built by Shah Jahan in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaj Mahal. It is the main thing that attracts more visitors towards Agra. The gardens of Taj Mahal are also very famous because of its maintenance and due to these gardens the front view of Taj Mahal looks attractive and beautiful. In the gardens there are many fountains which are placed in a row which adds beauty to it. Many political leaders from other countries are also attracted towards it and they come to visit it with their partners which make it an amazing source of economical wealth also.

Taj mahal


Petra is situated in southern Jordan. This monument was built on the eastern flank which is in Arabah valley that flows from the Dead Sea to Gulf of Aqaba. This monument was completed in 9000 BC and was known as the capital city of Nabataean Kingdom. Petra also became the major source of wealth for Nabataean Kingdom. This monument is suffering from the affects of threat, flood, improper rainwater drainage and unsustainable tourism. Even a trust was also established in 1989 which was named as Petra national trust which aims towards the conservation, preservation and protection of UNESCO which works for World Heritage site of Petra.


These were the Seven Wonders of the World that has added something to our world’s beauty. Though they belong to different countries of the world but have provided not only beauty but also have helped their respective country people by becoming a source of income. They have also attracted people from different countries towards it  and helped in building public relations among the countries.

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