Should students wear uniform in schools?

Debates on “Should students wear uniform in schools?” is going on for at least a decade. According to a survey 86% people around the world are in the support of school uniform.

Should students wear uniform in schools?

Advantages of school uniform are listed below:

  • School uniform show that you belonging to a particular school or part of an organization and create an identity for the school.
  • School uniform is a symbol of unity among the students.
  • Wearing the same uniform reduces the socioeconomic distinction between the upper and lower class people.
  • It reduces the level of peer pressure means to put on designer, fashionable clothes in school.
  • Helps to reduce the tendency get violent and promote the loyalty among the students.
  • It reduces the clothes expenses for their everyday use.
  • School uniform promotes learning and help to focus more attention towards their study.
  • It creates the discipline environment for the students.
  • Help students to reduce their time and make easy to get ready for school.
  • Help students to focus on their career not on their dresses.




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