Should we ban Smartphone in colleges or not?

Now a day, cell phone becomes the essential for the today’s youth. Every teenager carrying its own cell phone or smartphones, they use their phone for chatting with their friends through whatsapp, facebook, instagram, etc or through any other social media. Also uses for gaming and taking photos, etc. We can’t deny that smartphones become a part of our daily life. And we can also say that we can’t imagine our life without smartphone.

Should we ban Smartphone in colleges or not?

But one question always arise “Should we ban Smartphone in colleges or not?”.

Here are few pros and cons of using smartphone in colleges:


  • It can be used for the instant research purpose or tools and students can access more information.
  • It provides the security between students and parents.
  • It’s an effective way for students to focus and attract towards study.
  • It provides the new method for study through learning assistance app like Google Assistance.


  • It may create the health issue.
  • It may create the multiple distractions.
  • It may disconnect the student from their family, friends and any social activities.




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