The Benefits of being Self-Motivated in Life

In its simplest form, self-motivation is the force that drives you to get things done. Self-motivation is an important life skill especially for those who focus on personal development and emotional intelligence. Motivation in general compels and drives us to reach our goals, attain a feeling of fulfillment and improve our quality of life. To say the least, there are many benefits of being self-motivated.

What Constitutes Motivation?

Motivation itself is made up of four distinctive elements as identified by Daniel Goleman. These include;-

– A personal drive towards achieving something. The desire to improve or meet a certain standard in life.

– A sense of commitment to both personal and organizational objectives/goals or targets.

– Initiative whereby a motivated individual exhibits readiness to seize and act on opportunities to further their goals.

– A sense of optimism which encompasses the ability to persevere and keep going even when things get tough or when one encounters obstacles along their path of progress.

Motivation can either be:-

– Intrinsic

– Extrinsic

Under intrinsic motivation, one is motivated to do things just to get a feeling of gratification or satisfaction. Intrinsic motivation drives us to do things because we are interested or we have fun doing said tasks, or simply because we perceive the task as a personal challenge.

Extrinsic motivation comes about when we do tasks with the expectation of getting a reward in return. The reward may take the form of money, good grades or even power over other people.

The other type of motivation emanates from a sense of obligation. If you feel responsible for something, you are motivated to do whatever it takes to keep whatever thing you feel responsible for under your control.

Advantages of Being Self-Motivated

Generally speaking, self motivated individuals exhibit good time management skills, they are well organized, and they exhibit more self-esteem and confidence compared to their counter parts. Self-motivation is great because it brings happiness in one’s life and it drives you to jump out of bed every morning with enthusiasm.

1. Self-Motivation Exemplifies Your Vision

Happiness comes from realizing your dreams or at least making significant progress towards them. But before you fulfill your dreams you must identify them distinctively. Self-motivation helps in making your dream clear and much more defined.

2. It Helps you to Make Decisions

Indecisiveness and the inability to make timely decisions can be crippling and costly in life. Self-motivation arms you with the power to make wise and timely decisions by avoiding indecisiveness.

3. Self-Motivation is an Antidote to Negative Influences

Having motivation that emanates from within will help you to rise above discouragement and negative stimuli in your environment. It is not easy to discourage, bring down or extinguish a self-motivated person.

4. It Helps you Become More Optimistic and Open Minded.

Optimism is almost synonymous to self-motivation. It teaches you to see the good in every situation and as a result, you become happier, more fulfilled and approachable.

5. Self-Motivation Gives you the Strength you Need to Take on Challenging Tasks.

Sometimes you may find yourself in a predicament where you must face many challenges at once. You may not excel if you do not have the right mindset. Self-motivation gives you the drive and mental preparedness necessary to overcome demanding situations.

In Conclusion, Self motivation brings out the best in self-motivated individuals. It causes us to have self-discipline and control over how we think and perceive reality. By so doing, it brings out the best in us which in turn contributes greatly to personal development.

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