Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers of the World

Flowers, probably one of the most calming living being of the world and on the parameters of beauty we can say that “the thing that define beauty perfectly is flowers”.

Now a question rises that ” is there any specific kind of flowers “. So the answer is “yes”.

We have the list of top 10 most beautiful flowers of the world.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers of the World

1.Rose –

Rose is the most beautiful flower of the world and it is one of the best representative to show and express your love . It have about 150 types of different species in the world now and some of its features are – they are edible and can live for many years and also rich with vitamin C . Roses can also be used to make “Gulkand” which is the main ingredient of paan and can be used to make perfumes of rich fragrances.

2.Orchids –

Orchids are also one of the most beautiful flower of the world and they are surviving from 100 years . They are not commonly found still they have 27800 species all over the world which is a quite amazing fact about orchids and 85% of the orchids come from tropical countries . They can survive in any temperature and the ‘Dendrobium Orchids ‘ are also known as natural air purifiers and can filter chemical , toluene and xylene . Ancient Greeks usually eats the bulb of orchids to boost up their sexual vigor and fertility.

3.Tulips –

Tulips have very simple and classy look and their stalk height is about 2.7 to 4 inches and have only one or two tulip on one stem . They have an amazing fact that they can also grow continuously even after getting removed from ground and they are developed from the bulbs located 4 to 8 inches under the ground . They are very popular and during tulip mania , a single tulip costs is equal to the annual salary of a craftsmen.

4.Lotus –

Lotus is the national flower of India and it holds a unique position in art and in ancient Indian culture and even it is considered as the symbol of Indian culture . It is also represented as the seat of Maa Lakshmi in the Hindu religion . They symbolizes divinity, fertility, wealth, knowledge and a not to forget appearance . They also represents the purity of heart and mind .It is found in pink and white color and grows in murky water . Their stalks are approximately 100 cm long and covered with tiny spikes called ” Prickles”. The quality which separates it from other flowers is that it grows singly.

5.Gazania –

Gazania are attractive in looking and grows in hot weather and in dry soil. They are found in bright colors like yellow , pink , white , etc , They have medium green leaves which gives it a vibrant and exotic look , that’s why they are considered as popular houseplants . The amazing fact about it is that they close up for evening at about 3:00 PM.

6.Water lilies –

They are the most beautiful and recognizable plants of the world. They usually closes at night and opens at daylight, they are commonly of white and yellow color. Lilies are the best source for perfumes and also used in oil paintings in French. One amazing fact about them is that when you look them they look like sprouting from water but actually they are floating on water.

7.Dahlias –

Dahlias are originated from Mexico and are about 1 to 5 feet high. They are of many colors like orange , salmon , bronze, apricot , yellow , lavender and many more . Some varieties of Dahlias are known as “Dinner plate Dahlia “. You can easily grow them in your deck and in pots, they also help to adore your garden and give it an outstanding look.

8.Bleeding Hearts –

Bleeding Hearts are pink heart shaped flowers with small, white drop like hanging part on the bottom side. Their stem can reach up to 47 inches in height and 18 inches in width. They discard their leaves at the end of summer and blooms during spring and summer. They are arranged in Hori clusters and also have a green seed pod filled fruit with black seeds which attracts ants towards them.

9.Bird of paradise –

Bird of paradise is the national flower of Portugal since 2005 and it produce up to 36 flowers spikes a year .They are also considered as the symbol of freedom and are very sensitive to cold . They are mainly grown in sunny and warm areas. They stand above foliage at the tips of long stalks and up to 6.6 feet tall and it is related to banana fruit are also used as ornamental.

10.Cherry Blossom –

Cherry Blossom is the national flower of Japan and it creates the most iconic view in Japan .They have very short lifespan and Japanese conserve it very crucially even you can get arrested for breaking off blossom. Its petals are edible and the peak bloom of cherry blossom is about on April 4. Its view is also used in many of the cartoons which shows its popularity and when they blooms they make Japan a tourist place.

Last but not least flowers are the best source of calmness and if you are a nature lover so you have lot of things to explore.

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