Top Herbs of India

Herbs should not be misunderstood with wild plants. They are the plants with aromatic or savory properties and are used for garnishing and flavoring of food. They are also used in medical purposes and can be used as decorative substances as it smells good. Herbs exclude vegetables and also the plants that are used as macro nutrients.

Spices and herbs are two different things and should not be misunderstood. Spices are the dried plants and are produced from the different parts of the plants like seeds, bark, roots and fruits whereas herbs are the flowery or leafy green plants and also include flowers, leaves and stems for adding flavors to the dish as they are the flavoring plants.

Herbs are very useful in different fields like medicinal, culinary and in spiritual. General usage of herb is different from that of medicinal and culinary herbs. Any part of the plant can be considered as medicinal and spiritual herbs and they also include inner bark, leaves, resin, roots, flowers and seeds.

Top Herbs of India

Some of the important and easily available herbs are mentioned below with their significance in day to day life:


Cinnamon is also known as “Dalchini” and is one of the herbs which we use in cooking food. It also possess some amazing benefits about it and that are it helps in lowering down sugar level in your body which means it helps you to fight with diabetes and also has powerful anti diabetic effects in it. It also helps in maintaining cholesterol level in your body. An amazing thing about cinnamon is that it is easily available in local markets and the ideal consumption of Cinnamon is 1-6 gram per day.


Sage is also known as “Kamarkas”. It helps in improving the functions of brain and makes your memory sharper. It also works like almonds. It also helps in preventing you from plague which is one of the fatigue diseases. This herb is very beneficial for Alzheimer patients but possess a drawback about its seed and that is they are not easily available in the market but can be purchased online. This herb is very beneficial for both young and old ages people.


Peppermint which you use in your daily lives holds a special use in aromatherapy and folk medicine. Many studies have proved that it can relieve all your pain as it helps you in relaxing the smooth muscles. It can also cure you from nausea and IBS irritable bowel syndrome. This herb can be easily found in local markets and even it is used for defensive causes as women are suggested to keep peppermint spray for their safety. Basically it is a multipurpose herb.


Turmeric is also known as “haldi” and it also works as a spice which is used to give you curry yellow color. This herb is easily available in markets and thus also helps you to relieve all your body pain because it contains cur cumin which works as an antioxidant which instantly boost up your body and remove all your body pains and that’s why it is also taken by mixing it in milk and even you can use it in weddings. Some researches and studies show that it can cure Alzheimer and improves brain functionality and even cure some of the major diseases like heart attack and cancer.

Holy Basil

Holy Basil is also known as Tulsi and it holds a spiritual significance in Indian culture as we people worship Tulsi and believe that planting Tulsi is the sign of purity and many medicines are also made from Holy Basil. This is easily available as you plant it in your homes. An amazing fact about Holy Basil is that it can be easily grown in any condition and eating two to three leaves of it helps you to fight with several infections and helps to boost up immunity. Researches show that Holy Basil can stop the growth of bacteria yeast and molds by consuming 1 leaf before the meal and 1 leaf after meal. It can reduce sugar level in your body and which can also help you to treat anxiety and its related depressions.


Ginger is also known as “adrak” and is one of the kind of herb which we people use in our daily life. Ginger can treat nausea and other muscle pains and can also help you to reduce headaches. This is also used as a spice and chefs use it to give some extra taste to their dishes. Even it can cure you from normal cold and helps your body to remove cough. It’s taste is not that much good but it is used as an ingredient in tea and consuming 2 gram of ginger can decrease the chances of colon cancer.


Garlic is also known as “lehsun” and is used to give your food an amazing taste. It also helps you to combat with sickness and joint pains. Garlic plays an important role in heart health. This can also help you to fight with regular colds and even it can reduce cholesterol level. it is also known as blood pressure lowering drug because it can reduce blood pressure which means it is very useful for high blood pressure patients.

Some of the herbs die every year and produce them again and some are that stay for years. Herbs like lavender, sage and rosemary are the ones that do not die yearly. The people that rely on herbs can not only use leaves and stems but also can use the bark, fruits, gums and roots of it. Herbal teas, which are very useful for the body as it keeps the person healthy, are produced by boiling the herbs in the water. Fresh and dried herbs are more useful. Herbal teas are made from aromatic herbs and do not contain caffeine or tannin and neither they are mixed with milk.

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