Top Morning Exercises

Exercises are one of the important parts of a day and by adding exercises in your routine you can keep yourself fit and healthy. Exercises helps in maintaining the flexibility of the body and by doing it daily reduces the risk of many diseases like heart attacks, cancer, diabetes, obesity problems which leads to some more major problems and increases the chances of these diseases in the body. Exercises not only improve your health but also increase your mental and physical strength. It reduces your mental and some of the exercises help you reduce your physical stress.

Exercises benefit you every time and can be performed any time. But still it is recommended to perform it in the morning for better results. It is because of the reason that if the exercises are performed in the morning then the whole day your mood will remain calm and you will remain active while performing any task.

Top Morning Exercises

There are several exercises that can give you profits but some are there that you should add in your daily routine. There is the list of the exercises that you should perform in the morning on daily basis for better health and for better life style:

High knees

High knees is a very simple form of exercise and can be performed in the morning. For performing this exercise, you don’t need any extra equipment and all that you need to do is just wear your track pants and sports shoes and move to a free space. You can perform it in an empty room by standing on your toes and start jumping and stretching your knees and relaxing them fully and then count one to hundred and try to jump as many repetitions as you can. This exercise helps you to sweat more and helps you to reduce extra fat from your body and extra sweating helps you to feel fresh and active.


Squats is the best exercise for legs and thighs portion and it does not require much equipment but provides you with a great impact on body. For this morning exercise all you need to do is just wear track pants and sports shoes and move to open lawn and just bend down on your knees and bind up your hands in a square shape and try to perform 4-5 sets of squats daily but perform it with safety because it is an isolated exercise that is performing it in a wrong way can cause you serious injuries and muscle fatigue.

Toe Touches

Toe touches is a very old fashioned exercise and is performed since many years and in this exercise all you need to do is stand straight stretch your legs bend down on your waist and try to touch your left leg with your right hand and right leg with your left hand. This is a very basic exercise and can be performed by all ages of person and can be performed 50 to 60 times each side. This exercise helps you to stretch out your body muscles and allow proper circulation of blood in your whole body.


Skipping rope is little bit hard to perform because for this exercise you need a skipping rope and then to make the coordination of your hand and the rope all you need to do is practice and perform it slowly at the starting so that the rope does not hinge to your leg. But this exercise has its own benefits as it is performed by many athletics. This exercise is used in many world level games to warm up the body of athlete because when you start skipping you can notice that the coordination will help you to perform this exercise for a long period of time. Even children play it as a game as for this exercise all you need is a large open lawn because if you try to perform it in a small room that is very dangerous for you.


Jogging is very simple to perform and gives a great impact on your whole body. This exercise does not need any equipment but all you need is running shoes and track pants for jogging. Fresh air that you feel while performing this exercise benefits your lungs and sweating little more give you a fresh start and vanish all your laziness. Try to perform it early in the morning because it can give you some extra benefits. For this exercise you don’t have to make special arrangements and even you can perform it while doing your daily routine works.

Push ups

Push ups is a multi beneficial exercise and this exercise does not required any equipment and no special arrangements. This exercise can be performed in an open lawn and you can perform it in your room. In push ups you just have to lean down on the ground and push up your body upwards and try to perform it repeatedly. This exercise helps you to increase the size of your biceps and provides you a fit body which looks amazing in shape. This exercise also regulates the proper circulation of blood in your body and prevents you from cramps and muscle fatigue.

These were the exercises that require no equipment and all they need is just few minutes of your day. These exercises do not require much sacrifice just one sacrifice and that’s also not too big. All you have to sacrifice is few minutes of your sleeping time and this sacrifice will return you with good and healthy life style. You can also increase your success rate by working all day by a good mood and health and all can be acquired just by spending few minutes on morning exercises. Morning exercises are very beneficial for all ages of people. Evening exercises are avoided sometimes due to heavy work load which leads to the improper health as it sometimes becomes the habit.

Start motivating yourself and start doing morning exercises as it is said “Good things come to those who sweat”.

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