In today’s world for fulfilling your requirements and desires all you need is money. Money has always played an important role in living the life in a better way and in an easy manner. In earlier times also people had many differences due to money. As some people were rich and they ill treated people who were not stable in means of money. And for earning money, people have started acquiring skills and also have started preparing for it. Earlier it was really hard to find a job as there were limited sources for money and job but as the industry has grown and as time has changed the opportunities and options has increased a lot for the people. Earlier some girls were used to stay at home after their marriage so the ratio of people decreased and then boys and some girls who fight for the companies and jobs some were eligible and some does not have the required skills. But now the facilities have been increased so girls and boys both are equally competitive and are working on their to meet the requirements of the companies and as opportunities and jobs are also increased in their quantity.


Unemployment means when an educated and a well qualified person that is capable of having job does not have any job due to some reason and it should not be misunderstood with the person who lacks of job because of the required skills missing in him. Unemployment has not only affected the individual’s life but also the economy rate of our country. Some of the major causes that has lead to increment of unemployment are:

1.Increased population:

It has decreased the rate of employment as the no of jobs are limited and the candidates for appearing in the jobs are increased. As the time and mentality has changed so there is an active participation of boys and girls in the field of jobs due to which the amount of jobs left for the people are limited. As the ratio of people have increased as per the availability of resources so the resources are also reducing and to fulfill the requirement of it we require more money and the more qualified people.

2.Unavailability of jobs:

As all the uneducated and some of the educated people are dependent on the growth of crops for the money but sometimes due to the unfavorable season and unfavorable climate creates many problems while growing any type of crops and this leads to the starvation to some of the families and all this comes under unemployment. And in the field of industries, there are limited amount of industries and require little amount of employees but the quantity of unemployed people is more as compared to the industries so there are many people who remain unemployed. Both agriculture and industrial placement are the major resources for the people for getting revenue and job and both could not provide the jobs to all the people.

3.Slow Development:

As all other countries India could not increase its growth rate as fast as others. Indian economy is growing slowly and for running such a vast country we people require high rise in the economy so that the requirements of the people can be fulfilled. The agriculture growth rate is also increasing with very slow rate but for fulfilling the food requirement of the vast population we need to increase it rapidly else we people will have to face many problems in future. And even the non-agricultural sector of our country which includes the industries and factories are also growing very slowly as they develop things very slowly which somewhere or the effects the growth rate of our country in adverse manner.

In earlier times, which means before Independence also the growth rate was not that high and after Indepence also it does not rise because of the major two reasons. Firstly, the British people destroyed the newly settling cotton and textile industries instead of expanding it. They not only destroyed the basic income of the people but also motivation of doing that work. Secondly, Indian people does not work on the basic and famous things of India but are trying to develop those things that are available out and can be bought from them. This approach towards industry development decreases the production level which reduces the growth rate also. People should start working on the things that are available in India and rather providing the raw materials to the other countries but should provide the ready made things which would increase the industrial and economic rate also.

4.Improper Planning for future:

The people are not sure what they have to achieve and what they have to do in their life. They are just pursuing different degrees in the hope that they will get the job but they need to understand all will not be placed in all the companies some have to think an alternative for their earning. But as the time changed, there are many career options for the people and to achieve those things they should be fit and should acquire the required skills for it. The options that can be opened after acquiring good communication skills and acquiring some qualities are a person can try for law, for defense, for business, or it sectors, for government sectors and many more. But to achieve all this people should acquire good command over different qualities. Now a days the mentality of has become that they want to live luxury life without doing hard work which is increasing the rates of crimes and reducing rates of country economic growth.

If all the qualities are acquired by the people then the unemployment rate will be reduced and the growth rate of India will increase. Even India will be one of the well developed country.

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