What are some natural resources in Canada?

Natural resources are those which come from the nature like coal, mineral,natural gas, oil, water, calcium, air etc. These resources naturally occur in the environment, no any human efforts required.

Canada is famous for its natural resources, which contain minerals, water, fossil fuels, land for agricultural and timber. Some natural resources are found in a specific or particular region and some found in the nationwide.

What are some natural resources in Canada?

Few regions are given below and these regions are famous for its own natural resources:

  • Alberta is famous for the production of fossil fuel like coal and oil.
  • Columbia is known for the timber industry. Highly amount of timber are mostly found in Columbia ,which is used for the building purpose. Timber wood mostly use for the furniture.
  • Saskatchewan is famous for the production of uranium and potassium. Potassium uses in industry and farming. And uranium uses for the nuclear energy.
  • Manitoba is famous for the lakes and produces hydroelectricity, and also famous for the fishing industry.
  • Atlantic Canada produces hydroelectricity and known for fishing industry.

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