What are the side effects of Chocolate? Is chocolate good for you

Does anybody like chocolate? It is the most stupid question, everyone like the chocolate. What if we tell you that instead of side effects (which every elder told us in our childhood) there are numerous positive effects have also been studied? It is amazing!  The study is conducted by the researchers says that Chocolate has many beneficial effects on human body. It is great news for all chocolate lovers. But not every chocolate is beneficial for health. Confused? Don’t be, in this Chocolate review, we will solve your confusion related Chocolate healthy benefits. Is chocolate good for you? What are the side effects of Chocolate? How many calories a chocolate contains?

Chocolate healthy benefits. Is chocolate good for you What are the side effects of Chocolate How many calories a chocolate contains

The most beneficial chocolate which is considered good for a human body is the dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has much nutrition in its bar. The major nutrition found in dark chocolate are iron, potassium, phosphorous, selenium, zinc, magnesium, copper, fiber etc. All nutrients play important functions inside the human body. Some bioactive components are found in the dark chocolate that is the great source of anti-oxidants are Polyphenols, flavanols, catechins etc. As we know anti-oxidants is good for health because they can interact with free radicals and terminate the chain reaction, before it damages any vital molecules. Many dieticians and the physical trainers recommend the intake of antioxidants in the body for good health. Dark chocolate is one of the immense sources of antioxidants. The dark chocolate consists almost around 70-80% of cocoa. Consumption of moderate level of dark chocolate can help you to provide various health benefits.

Health benefits of the chocolate:

  1. Good for Brain: it has been found that dark chocolate improve the cognitive function with mental impairment in humans. Therefore, it resulted very helpful to treat the brain injuries. It contain biotic component i.e. flavanols which are very beneficial for brain functioning it is so because it ameliorate the blood flow to the brain. Cocoa present in dark chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine that also help in improvement of brain functioning.
  2. Help to Reduce Weight: the one of the lifestyle diseases is the obesity. It resulted sometimes because of overeating habit of people. Due to delicious and wide variety of food is available people tends to eat more than require. The dark chocolates are heavy and it satisfies the appetite of humans. When people find themselves full of appetite then they will eat less it helps to control the overeating habit which ultimately helps to reduce the weight.
  3. Reduce Stress: Chocolate are one of the most used and consumed product to enhance the mood. We all like chocolate it is smoothies our mood and we also feel better and good every time when we consume it. The biotic component phenylethylamine present in dark chocolate help our brain to release positive endorphins which ultimately results in feeling unstressed and happy.
  4. Screen our skin: We have mentioned that dark chocolate consist some biotic component and one of those components is flavonols which help to protect the skin of human from the damage made by the sun rays. They also improve the texture of the skin via improving the blood flow.
  5. Help in reducing the cholesterol: the presence of cocoa in dark chocolate and that is also in good amount help to reduce the cholesterol level and also to improve the good cholesterol inside the body.
  6. Prevent heart diseases: moderate level of the consumption of dark chocolate regularly prevent the heart disease as they restore the flexibility of the arteries and also improve the insulin sensitivity. Dark chocolate helps to prevent the arteries clogging as they prevent the WBC (White Blood Cells) to strike on the surface of the blood vessels.
  7. Reduce risk of stroke: One of the benefits one can found in the consumption of the dark chocolates is the lowering of stroke risk. It is because it improves the heart and prevents heart diseases that ultimately reduce the risk of stroke in a body.
  8. Prevent the diabetes: are you surprise? We were also surprise when we heard about it. But it is true if a person consume or intake a moderate amount of dark chocolates then it help to improve the insulin sensitivity in the human body which is very important in diabetes.
  9. Prevent cardiovascular diseases: it has been found that the dark chocolate help to prevent the cardiovascular disease calcified plaque in the arteries significantly because of its capacity to lower the blood pressure and oxidized LDL.
  10. Reduce the blood pressure: people in 21st century are generally suffered from high blood pressure. The dark chocolate helps them to lower their blood pressure because the biotic component flavanols present in it help to relax the arteries and improve the blood flow that consequence in lowering the blood pressure.

Is Chocolate good for you?

With all the benefits we have mentioned above all are pointing towards that chocolate especially dark chocolate are beneficial for you and good for you. There is no doubt that the moderate amount of consumption of chocolate is good for health and also prevents some diseases which are the result of 21st modern lifestyle.

Side effects of Chocolate

The side effect of chocolate will only affect a person when they consume more than a moderate. Yes, if a person consumes more chocolate then instead of preventing diabetes it will spike the insulin level of the person and it will result very harmful for diabetes patients.

For children, it can harm their teeth in long term but that is also if children eat chocolate more than required.

Calories in chocolate

It is estimated that 100gm of dark chocolate contains about 600calories. It is advisable that if you want to take the advantage of benefits a chocolate provides then you should consume it moderately. Stay healthy Stay fit.

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