What is BAE? Meaning of BAE? Definition of BAE?

The popularity of internet slangs and acronyms is huge among teenagers. Apart from being fast and easy to type they are also in trend nowadays. There are different types of internet slangs used by individuals on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Here in this article we are going to discuss one such slang word “BAE” and frequently asked questions related to it such as, what is BAE? What is the meaning of BAE? What does BAE stands for? What is the meaning of slang word BAE? What is the meaning of acronym BAE? What does acronym BAE stands for? What is the definition of BAE? What does BAE mean?

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What does BAE stands for?

The acronym BAE is the short form of “Before Anyone Else” or “Before All Else.” The word BAE is generally used when someone refers to their boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, or crush.  Bae is a shortened version of babe or baby. It is also used for referring to someone who is important in someone’s life like best friend.

This acronym was not much popular in the starting as compared to other internet slangs. It gained popularity after a song “Come Get It Bae” by Pharrell Williams. After that celebrities like Kim Kardashian and others increased it popularity by using it in their social media post. The memes related to BAE are also going viral on social media.

Apart from using the internet slang on social media, some people have made these slangs a part of their everyday language and we can hear people saying bae while referring to someone special.  Some people have confusion regarding the use of BAE and what it actually means.

Use of BAE in conversation

  1. I had a best date night with BAE.
  2. I am waiting for BAE to come home so that we can watch the whole “FRIENDS” series together.
  3. I had a fight with BAE and that’s why I will be staying with you tonight.
  4. I think a lot about BAE
  5. I am going for my birthday shopping with BAE.
  6. I and BAE have decided our wedding dates. I am so excited now!
  7. BAE surprised me by throwing me a birthday party.

Internet slangs are very popular on social media especially among teenagers. They use these slangs and acronyms while posting something on social media. Apart from social media, internet slangs are also used in chat rooms, online games, video games, and online communities. The internet slangs are now a part of our verbal as well as non verbal communication.

I hope that this article will be helpful enough for you in understanding the meaning of BAE. If you still have other queries regarding the same then please let us know by commenting below in the comment section.

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