What is Beets? Benefits of Beets?

What is Beets? Benefits of Beets?

Romans are the one who cultivated the Beetroots first in the history of mankind. From the Middle history of the world, the beetroot use increased after knowing its medicinal value. The beetroot was used as a treatment for a variety of problems. The problems or illness related to digestion and the blood is specially treated with the Beetroot. During the 19th century, the commercial value of beetroot ameliorated after the discovery of its use to make sugar. In past wine was often colored with beetroot juice. The famous soup of Eastern Europe i.e. Borscht is made up of beetroot. With this, you can understand the popularity of this food. You will easily find the beetroot usage in a salad or with other dishes in menus. But it is not just a restaurant showpiece. In recent studies, the scientists have found the importance of the beet. It is not just used commercially to make sugars but it is used by today’s dietitians for preparing a balanced diet for their client.

The beetroot has become famous in at present time as a SuperFood. It helps to improve the athletic performance, lower blood pressure and increase blood flow. Beetroots benefits are appealing in nature and many people around the world have started taking it in their diet.

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Benefits of Beets

  1. Nutrition: nutrition value of beetroot is great. They are a good source of folic acid, fiber, manganese, and potassium. It is also a rich source of calcium, iron, and vitamins A and C. By this, you can understand the importance of its popularity as a SuperFood. It is not common to have such a great nutrition value in one food.
  2. Lower the blood pressure: present time of digital world is full of illness and problems. The problems like blood pressure are very common among the population. The beetroots help people to control their low blood pressure. The reason behind this is the presence of nitrates. The body converts the nitrates into nitric oxide. In this process, the blood vessels expand.
  3. Good for heart: as the process of nitrates turning into nitric oxides helps people to lower their blood pressure. Its automatically helps people to have a low risk of heart attacks, strokes or any other kind of heart diseases.
  4. Healthy Liver: Beetroots contains calcium, Betaine (helps the liver to eliminate toxins), Vitamins B, and antioxidants. They all keep beetroot in the basket of the best food for the liver. They help to thin the bile, which allows an easy flow of bile from the liver and small intestine- it enhances the liver health.
  5. Fit brain: Brain is most important part of the human body. A stable mind and healthy brain is the most dangerous one that can beat any situation present in front of them. Beet improves the brain neuroplasticity by improving the oxygenation of the somatomotor cortex. In the present fast running world where everyone is in a race. Hypertension has become one of the causes of people illness. The studies have shown that regular intake of Beetroot juice has lower hypertension among adults.

According to UK Study, the dietary nitrate can improve the cerebral blood flow that enhances the brain function.

  1. Sugar or diabetes: sugar is the 21st-century global problem. Many developed countries or developing countries are facing the high numbers of the diabetic patients. The beetroot has been beneficial for diabetic patients. According to the study in Iceland, the fiber form sugar beets reduce the hyperglycemia.

The benefits of beetroots are many. It has great medicinal value. The beetroot has been dubbed as one of the SuperFood of 21st century. If you are thinking to make your diet more balance and you want to turn into a healthy living then intake of beetroot is highly advisable. Eat healthy, Stay fit.

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