What is BFF? What does BFF mean? Definition of BFF.

There are varieties of slang languages uses by internet users on the internet. These internet slangs and abbreviations save our time and effort of pressing keys or for adjusting the text within the given limit. These slangs are used in chat rooms, online games, video games, online communities and social media. In this article we are going to discuss one such slang word “BFF” and questions asked related to it such as, what is BFF? What is the meaning of BFF? What does BFF stands for? What is the meaning of slang word BFF? What is the meaning of acronym BFF? What does acronym BFF stands for? What is the definition of BFF? What does BFF mean? And what is BFF in Facebook, another hoax?

What is BFF What does BFF mean Definition of BFF.

What does BFF stands for?

The word BFF stands for the short form of “Best Friends Forever.” Best Friends Forever means two friends who are very close to each other and wants to stay like that only and no one can replace their place in another one’s life. This abbreviation is commonly popular among teenage girls.

We all have friends in our life but everyone holds their different position in our heart. Some of them are very close to us and with whom we share everything, while there are others who meet occasionally and do not share our all secrets. But best friends hold a special place in our heart and they are like our other half, who is familiar with all our secrets and everything.

The other meaning of BFF is “Big Fat Friend or Female.”

Use of BFF in conversation

  1. Hina and I are BFFs and we know each other since our childhood.
  2. She is my BFF and no can replace her.
  3. I had a fight with my BFF because of my stupidity, now I do not know how to say sorry to her.

What is BFF in Facebook? Is it Another Hoax?

You all have seen a post going viral of Facebook stating “Type BFF in the comment section, if it turns green then your Facebook account is safe but if it does not, then you should change your password immediately because your account is at the risk of being hacked.”

After this viral post many Facebook users tried it and comment BFF in the Facebook comment section. The letters BFF turned green but the reason was not same. The actual reason for this magic was that words like “BFF” have been chosen by Facebook as special comments and as soon as they type, they will trigger animation. There are some other words also which trigger these animations when typed.

This hoax was false and it cannot tell you whether your account is safe or unsafe. People having security issues with their account can customize their account security or can change their Facebook password for eliminating the risk of being hacked.

Use of acronyms in social media

Acronyms or abbreviations are commonly used on social media because of their popularity. Words like BFF are very popular in both verbal as well as non verbal communication. We can hear girls commonly referring their friends as BFF. Internet slangs are easy and fast to type. They provide us time and space for writing and you can write so much more in limited words.

I think that this article will be helpful enough for you guys in understanding the meaning of BFF. Still if you have any queries regarding the same then please let us know by commenting below in the comment section.

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