What is Environment and it’s Benefits

Environment,it is the surrounding that surrounds all living and non-living things.It consists of
humans,plants,animals and all other non-living materials.It also includes the effects that these things
Impose on nature.Environment plays very important role in one’s life as it affects the health and living
Style of a person.A healthy and developed person has a good environment around it which helps him to
Grow and to develop himself and the nation too.

What is environment and it's benefits

Affects on Environment:

Environment is affected a lot by every action of all living things on Earth whether it is good or bad.Good
Actions are less as compared to bad ones nowadays because of the growing India. As India is growing
The requirements of people are increasing and they are becoming dependent on automatic machines
for fulfilling their requirements and doing their works. And while manufacturing such machines harmful
Gases are released from factories which pollute the environment and increase air pollution.

Before this growth in India people used to adjust with the environment and the changes it has. They
Does not perform such actions which would affect the environment and harm it.
Trees play very important role in cleaning the environment and making the air fresh.They help in
Reducing air pollution.But humans are cutting trees for building factories and malls which is increasing
Air pollution as the car rate is increasing these days.These pollution affects the environment and the
Health of all living beings.

Types of Environment:

Environment is of two types:Natural and Man-made.

Natural Environment:

It is the natural environment which we see like sun,moon,water and so on.It gives us many things and
Fulfills all our requirements.They are present in limited quantity and should be used wisely so that it does
Not get extinct.

Natural environment also includes oceans,seas,rivers and all other water bodies.People are affecting
These resources by contaminating them.People use to throw garbage and offer flowers and diyas in the
Name of worship which makes the sea and ocean water dirty.Due to these acts pure water is reducing
Day by day and the amount of contaminated water which could not be used for drinking purposes is

As usage of cars and air conditioners are increasing,the temperature of Earth is increasing which is
Leading new skin problems and to many new problems like drought,less rainfall which affects are
Agriculture and it affects the poor people the most as they do not have much money to build homes and
This increasing temperature makes their life more difficult.

As plants are being cut to meet the requirements of growing world,the pollution and temperature
increases.Plants are very good source of oxygen and many things like wood,rubber,fruits,vegetables and
Many more.On cutting trees these requirements can’t be fulfilled and then to fulfill them people use to
Cut more and more trees which leads to depletion of trees and forests.

Depletion in the forests creates many problems to the animals as their source for food vanishes.People
Who are dependent on plants for their food will either die or will become omnivores for their survival
Which would lead to depletion of wildlife too.

These actions of humans would lead to an end of wildlife and an end to the natural environment too.

Man-made Environment:

It is the environment which is made by the humans to meet their growing requirements and to avoid the
Depletion of naturally occurring resources and to meet the requirements of the depleted substances
from the environment.

Humans have found the best way to grow crops by providing them suitable environment by creating the
artificial environment required by the crops.They have started growing food through artificial materials
which reduces the time and the quantity problem.

People have created artificial beauty around their houses for the healthy life and for good health.They
have found many ways to purify the water by adding some chemicals to it for their use.

Effects of Artificial or Man-made Environment:

Though,artificial environment has met all the requirements of humans for their growing world but there
are some harmful effects of these artificial things on body.Adding chemicals to water for purifying it can
give pure water but it also contains those chemicals to it which are used to purify it and these chemicals
harm our body.

Growing food in industries can be beneficial on the financial basis and on the time basis but some
chemicals might be used to make this natural process fast and those chemicals harm our body leading to
harmful diseases in future.

Why now people are suffering from more diseases then earlier?

These are the reasons behind growing death rates and more medical issues.By the use of such
objects,diseases are found at very early age.Changes to the natural environment and natural things will
affect the life of people and it most affects the environment.

At last I would conclude by “Changes to the Environment can fulfill your requirements but could not give
you natural products”.So use the environment for the benefit of human life and don’t waste the natural
things rather use them wisely.

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