What is FLW? FLW meaning? What is the definition of FLW?

Abbreviations are very popular in 21st generation because they are highly used by individuals in social media and are popular among teenagers. In this article we are going to discuss some of the frequently asked questions related to slang word FLW such as, what is FLW? What is the meaning of FLW? What does FLW stands for? What is the meaning of slang word FLW? What is the meaning of acronym FLW? What does acronym FLW stands for? What is the definition of FLW? What does FLW mean?

what is FLW What is the meaning of FLW What does FLW stands for, FLW definition

What does FLW stands for?

The slang word FLW stands for “Famous Last Words” and it is used for expressing the disbelief regarding a sentence someone is making or for showing indication of an unpleasant situation or happening. It is also used for referring to a comment made by someone in overconfidence which later proved wrong. In general words when someone says something which is too hard to believe by other, then he/she uses FLW in their sentence.

The slang FLW also stands for “Flow Like Water” and “Fishing League Worldwide.” The word FLW also stands for song “Famous Last Words” sung by rock band My Chemical Romance.

The use of FLW in conversations

  1. A: I am ending my relationship with John and this time I am too serious about this.

B: yeah sure, FLW

  1. A: He promised me that he will return all my money with interest by the end of March.

B: I don’t believe him, these are just FLW.

  1. A: He said that he won first prize in drawing competition.


  1. A: My new year resolution is that this year I am not going to eat junk food

B: FLW, I will see.

  1. A: I am joining gym from tomorrow and this time I will be regular.


The internet slangs are very popular among teenagers because it saves their time and these slangs are easy to type. Teenagers and youngsters use these internet slangs and abbreviations during their written communication and mostly these slangs are used in social media. For teenagers these slangs are easy to understand but someone who is not using social media, these slangs are difficult to understand.

The use of abbreviations and internet slang is not new but they were not so popular in back time. Their use has been increased with the increased use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter. These slangs are used by teenagers while posting their photos in their social media account or in their written conversation. Internet slangs are also used in informal non verbal communication apart from social media.

These slangs save our time if we have so much to write in limited period of time.

I think that this article will surely help you in understanding the real concept of FLW. Still if you have any queries regarding the same then please let us know by commenting below in the comment section.


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