What does IG mean on snapchat? IG Meaning?

If you are wondering to know about IG and what does it mean then continue reading this article. In this article ,we are going to talk about internet slang IG and will answer some of the questions related to it such as, what is IG? What is the meaning of IG? What does IG stand for? What is the meaning of slang word IG? What is the meaning of acronym IG? What does acronym IG stands for? What is the definition of IG? What does IG mean?

What does IG mean on snapchat? IG Meaning?

What does IG stands for?

The internet slang IG stands for the short form of “Ignorant” or “I Guess.” The term ignorant is used for describing the action of ignorance. The other term I guess is used when someone is saying something based up on his or her opinions or when they are agreeing with someone or not feeling enthusiastic as compared to other days.

IG is also used as an abbreviation for Instagram.

Use of IG in conversation

  1. She is asleep IG that is why she is not replying to my texts.
  1. A: Do you think we should let John come with us after what he did to our last trip.

B: Yeah IG he deserves another chance.

  1. A: What do you think they ordered for the dinner Chinese or Italian?

B: Italian IG, why?

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