LOL meaning in chat? LOL meaning in text

The popularity of internet slangs and acronyms is increasing among teenagers rapidly. These slangs are fun to use and easy to type. In this article we are going to discuss one such slang word “LOL” and frequently asked questions related to it such as, what is LOL? What is the meaning of LOL? What does LOL stands for? What is the meaning of slang word LOL? What is the meaning of acronym LOL? What does acronym LOL stands for? What is the definition of LOL? What does LOL mean?

LOL meaning in chat? LOL meaning in text

What does LOL stands for?

The word LOL is used for “Laugh or Laughing Out Loud” or “Lots of Laugh.” This internet slang is used for expressing laughter. This internet slang is generally used when something really funny happens and one is expressing his or her feelings of laugh through messages.

The other meaning of this word is “Lots of Love” and “Lots of Luck.”

LOL is one of the most used internet slang. It is used both in verbal and non verbal communication. You might have heard people saying “LOL” while describing any funny incident or writing it in messages in response of something funny.

The use of LOL in conversation

  1. A: The pizza man who delivered pizza at my home was wearing yellow leather pants and pink boots.

B: LOL! What a weird cowboy fashion sense.

  1. A: Today I dropped a cup of coffee at my colleague

B: LOL stop doing these kinds of things at your office or you will be out of work in few days.

  1. A: He was looking so funny that I literally started rolling on the floor.

B: LOL seriously

  1. A: This comedian Kapil Sharma is really funny. LOL I can’t believe he actually says something like that on television.

B: LOL now he is going to be trolled for the rest of the year.

  1. A: I am going to join gym from tomorrow and this time I will be regular.

B: LOL that is never going to happen.

The use of internet slangs and acronyms are not new but they gained popularity after the expansion of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. While posting a picture or anything, individuals especially teenagers uses these internet slangs.

The use of acronyms and internet slangs is highly popular among teenagers because they are fast and easy to type. Apart from these reasons, acronyms also allow us to write so much in limited characters.  Internet slangs are highly popular on social media and one can find them in every social media post of teenagers.

I think that this article will be helpful enough for you guys in understanding the meaning of LOL. Still if you have any queries regarding the same then please let us know by commenting below in the comment section.

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