What is OMG? What does OMG mean? OMG Meaning?

Internet slangs and acronyms are now a part of our non verbal communication. They are very popular especially among teenagers and you can see their account filled with these internet slangs. Some of these internet slangs are easy to understand because they are quite common, while there are others which are used rarely and that’s why one will have to Google them for knowing what they actually mean.

In this article we are going to discuss one such internet slang i.e. “OMG” and will answer some of the frequently asked questions related to it such as, what is OMG? What is the meaning of OMG? What does OMG stands for? What is the meaning of slang word OMG? What is the meaning of acronym OMG? What does acronym OMG stands for? What is the definition of OMG? What does OMG mean?

What is OMG What is the meaning of OMG What does OMG stands for What is the meaning of acronym OMG What is the definition of OMG What does OMG mean

What does OMG Stands for?

The internet slang OMG stands for “Oh My God.” The term Oh My God is used for expressing feelings like surprise, excitement, happiness, disbelief and others.

The slang word “OMG” has also been added to March 2011 release of Oxford Online Dictionary.

Use of OMG in conversation

  1. A: Yesterday my father said he is taking us with him to Shillong. I am so excited.

B: OMG are you serious. You are so lucky.

  1. A: I completed my graduation and now I am going to Pune for further education.

B: OMG Congratulations.

  1. A: My fiancée gifted me this diamond ring. Isn’t it pretty?

B: OMG this is so beautiful.

  1. A: OMG have you heard that Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are married.

B: Yeah, they look adorable together.

  1. OMG this dress is so beautiful. I am going to wear it at our prom night.
  1. A: Have you heard that singer Neha Kakkar is coming to our college during this fest.

B: OMG, Are you serious. I am not going to miss this college fest.

  1. A: Are you excited about our college trip?

B: OMG yes. It is going to be so much fun.

  1. A: Have you heard that John lost his father in an accident?

B: OMG, May his soul rest in peace.

Apart from being used in social media and non verbal communication these internet slangs are also used in verbal communication. Slangs like OMG are so common and popular that you can see people saying it in their normal conversation. These internet slangs are fast and easy to type and they save our lot of time in writing, apart from this they are also very cool.

In social media platforms like Twitter we can only write 280 characters in one post and slangs are very useful there. They help us in staying within the character limit without deducting any word or sentence.

I think that this article will surely help you in understanding the real meaning of OMG. Still if you have any queries regarding the same then please let us know by commenting below in the comment section. We will be pleased to hear from you.




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