What is SUS? What does SUS mean? What is the definition of SUS?

The use of internet slangs and acronyms has been increased and mostly they are used by teenagers. You can see their social media profiles filled with slang words and for understanding what they actually mean you will have to be aware of what does these slangs stands for. Here in this article we are going to discuss one such slang word i.e. “SUS” and some of the questions asked related to it such as, what is SUS? What is the meaning of SUS? What does SUS stands for? What is the meaning of slang word SUS? What is the meaning of acronym SUS? What does acronym SUS stands for? What is the definition of SUS? What does SUS mean?

What is SUS What is the meaning of SUS What does SUS stands for What is the meaning of acronym SUS What is the definition of SUS What does SUS mean

What does SUS stand for?

The internet slang SUS stands for “Suspect or Suspicious.” Suspicious means something which is not believable or something which raises doubt in another person’s mind. Suspect also defines a person who is believed to be guilty of some kind of crime or something which cannot be trusted or relied upon. In text messages slang word SUS is used for describing the doubt.

The other meaning of SUS is “See U Soon.” This word is usually used at the end of the sentence which means goodbye and can be seen as friendly sign off. In text messages the slang word SUS is used at the end of the conversation and it indicates a meeting very soon in personal or in social media.

The use of SUS in conversation

  1. I saw a man today and he was asking me for some money. I ran away from there because he seems SUS.
  2. I do not want to be late for home because if my mom finds out she will SUS me.
  3. I have some homework to and I will talk to you later. SUS.
  4. Happy Birthday my best friend. Get ready for an awesome party, SUS.
  5. The summer vacation is about to over and schools will be open soon. I will SUS there.
  6. A: I have been going to the gym from past 3 months. I think I have lost some weight.
    B: Seriously? That looks SUS to me.

Internet slangs and abbreviations are now a part of our daily non verbal communication. You can see these slangs on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They have gained huge popularity among teenagers. Apart from being used in non verbal communication, some people also uses them in verbal communication.

These internet slangs offers us enough space to write everything within the limited characters which is very necessary for platforms like Twitter where you can write only 280 characters. Apart from offering us enough space to write, they are fast and easy to type and can save our time as well. For some people these internet slangs are easy to understand while there are others who do not use social media on regular basis and that’s why they can face difficulty in understanding them.

I think that this article will surely help you in understanding the real meaning of SUS. Still if you have any queries regarding the same then please let us know by commenting below in the comment section. We will be pleased to hear from you.




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