What is TBH? What does TBH means? TBH Definition

Slangs are the new words of present generation and also trending these ways. There are many short forms available in the vocabulary of the 21st generation people. In this article we are going to discuss about TBH slang meaning, TBH abbreviation, TBH definition and some other normal questions like, what is TBH? What is the meaning of TBH? What TBH acronym stands for or for what TBH is an acronym stands for? How the people use abbreviation of TBH for clearing its meaning?

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What does TBH stands for?

The slang word TBH stands for “To Be Honest” in short form. This abbreviation is usually used by individuals while texting, chatting or emailing for expressing their true opinions about any other individual, thought, idea or incident. In social media the use of word TBH for expressing personal views can impacts positively as well as negatively. This word can also sound rude sometimes if you are posting any negative comment on someone’s pictures or post but most of the times it sound as compliment only.

The other meanings of word TBH

There are some other meanings of this slang word TBH which are used as per the requirement in the communication such as The Bloody Hell, Truth By Heart, Tomorrow Be Holy, The Black Hand, Terrigal Brotherhood, The Black Horde, To Be Had, Touch Big Homosexuals, and others.

Informal written communication is full of abbreviations like TBH. Other commonly used acronyms includes FYI “For Your Information,” BTW “By The Way,” DM “Direct Message,” AMA “Ask Me Anything,” BAE “Before Anyone Else,” BFF “Best Friends Forever,” LOL “Laughing Out Loud,” OMG “Oh My God” and others.

These abbreviations are used by individuals for saving their time while texting or posting anything over social media, or in personal written conversation. These abbreviations slowly gained popularity with the rise of social media. For daily users of social media these abbreviations are easy to understand, while other who don’t spend much time on social media are still unaware of some of these acronyms. The use of these acronyms is not new and the abbreviations like OMG and FYI have been used back dating to 1917 but they were not so common then. Nowadays written communication with the help of phones and laptops has increased the craze of acronyms among teenagers. Apart from saving their time by using these slangs, teenagers also feel trendy and updated with their use. TBH has gain so much popularity that some entrepreneurs have created TBH movement by introducing TBH app and TBH blog which encourages individuals to join TBH social network for finding out what their friends really think of them.

The use of TBH in sentences

  1. We don’t talk much but TBH I miss you every day.

      2. TBH I am not at all impressed with this food.

      3. I am so much irritated right now and TBH I want to leave this job immediately.

      4. TBH the phrase “If there is any heaven on earth then it is in Kashmir” fits perfectly on Kashmir.

      5. I am not at all impressed with your work and TBH you will have to work really hard.

      6. TBH he does not care about anyone.

So now I guess all of you know what this slang TBH stands for and how it is used. If you have any queries regarding the same please comment below in the comment section. We will be pleased to hear from you.

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