What is TC? What does TC mean? TC Meaning

Internet slangs and acronyms are highly popular these days on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Being aware of these internet slangs is not necessary for everyone; it is just a requirement of time and that’s why everyone should know what these internet slangs stands for. In today’s article we are going to discuss on such internet slang i.e. “TC” and will answer some of the frequently asked questions related to it such as, what is TC? What is the meaning of TC? What does TC stands for? What is the meaning of slang word TC? What is the meaning of acronym TC? What does acronym TC stands for? What is the definition of TC? What does TC mean?

What is TC What is the meaning of TC What does TC stands for What is the meaning of acronym TC What is the definition of TC What does TC mean

What does TC stands for?

The internet slang “TC” is used for the short form of “Take Care.” This term is an alternative way of saying farewell or bye in social media or in personal messages. Usually this term is written in lower case. TC is used for saying bye to another member in online community when he or she is leaving for a short or long period of time.

Use of TC in conversation

  1. A: OK, guys I am going to sleep because I have an early meeting tomorrow in the office.

B: tc man, bye. See you tomorrow.

  1. A: Hey, I am not coming to the office today because of some family emergency. Hope you will understand.

B: It’s ok man, you tc.

  1. A: Yesterday I went for a walk with my dog, where he got struck by a bicycle. Doctor said it will take some time for complete recovery.
    B: You do not worry, he will be fine soon. You tc.
  1. A: I am leaving tomorrow for my hometown. It been so long since I met my parents.

B: I wish you safe journey, tc.

  1. A: Ok bye guys. My wife is calling me and I should probably go before she starts shouting.

B: Ok goodnight, tc.

  1. A: Summer breaks are starting from tomorrow and I am going to my hometown. I will meet you soon.

B: OK tc. Come soon.

Internet slangs and acronyms are an easy way of saying something. They are fast and easy to type and that’s why they save our time. They also provide us enough space for writing and help us in staying within character limit. In internet platforms like twitter where we are suppose to write only 280 characters internet slangs are so much helpful.

These internet slangs and acronyms are easy to understand for someone who is using them on regular basis, but people who are not active on social media can face problem in understanding their meaning because some of them are not common.

I think that this article will surely help you in understanding the real meaning of TC. Still if you have any queries regarding the same then please let us know by commenting below in the comment section. We will be pleased to hear from you.






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