Women Empowerment

Women empowerment is often misunderstood with feminism. As both of them refer to two different words with two different meanings. Though they both are used for defining the rights of women but in different manner.

An example that can help you understand the difference between these two in a better manner is: Suppose there are two buses. The first bus contains half of its seats reserved for the female candidates and the rest of the seats can be occupied by anyone either male or female. The second bus contains no reserved seats for anyone and all the seats can be occupied either by the females or males. The first bus is an example of women empowerment whereas the second bus refers to the concept of feminism.

Women Empowerment


It refers to the equal rights given to the men and women. It not only focuses on equal rights but also treats both men and women as same. They believe if men can travel by standing so women can also do. They believe in equality at all the places and even in all the aspects.

Women Empowerment:

It refers to the empowerment of women in all the fields by reserving seats and by providing extra privileges to them. They treat men and women as two different identities and privileges the women by providing something extra to them.

Earlier ladies were either killed at the time of birth or treated as house wives whose work was only limited to the homes and were not allowed to participate in anything. All the facilities were provided to the male candidates of the family. Male child was sent to school for gaining education and was encouraged in everything, on the other side girl child were kept at home and were forced to do work at home and were married at early stage.

As the time changed and world led to the path of development and growth. The development not only took place in the form of new buildings and new living style of the people but also to the advanced and changed mentality of the people. The earlier mentality of the people have changed towards women. They have not only started educating their girl child but also have started encouraging them to participate in world’s development.

All these changes in the mentality of the people was only because of the changes and the actions that government took to increase the girls ratio in the development. The government has reserved some seats for the women to motivate and increase the rate of participation of women in all the fields.

Women empowerment has empowered many women by providing extra privileges and doing extra efforts for the participation of women candidates. Many campaigns were done for encouraging girl child.

Government has reserved some percentage of seats for the women in the fields of education, doctor, engineering, jobs, civil services exam, politics and many more. They have provided equality for both men and women.

As India has developed, the women of our country have understood their value and started achieving the things that are provided to them .But still at some places, the women are not using the facilities and don’t want to grow so for them many campaigns are arranged.

For having sustainable development in our country both men and women have to work together as a single unit. Sustainable development means the development that can be led to the future or to our next generation. Women have not only developed and created space for them in development field but also doing great works in politics.

Women have started building careers in different fields like acting, shooting, business, wrestling, cricket, badminton, table tennis and many more. Women have not only done wonders on ground but also have reached to skies.

Methods for increasing Women Empowerment:

  1. Women should know how to fight for their rights whether it’s for equality or for property. People doesn’t allow and doesn’t provide any right of access of their property to their girl child at earlier times but now both their girl and male child are equally eligible and should be given equal access to the property distribution.
  2. Employment plays very important role in development and increment of women empowerment as people are money minded and for money they send their girl child to work and somewhere being paid for your work motivates you more to work and increase in both aspects that is in terms of quality and quantity.
  3. Political aspect is that women are respected and given equal opportunities and equal rights to put their views in front of everyone and silence is maintained when they speak and are not ill-treated.
  4. Women should be encouraged for their new ideas that they have in their minds and should be provided the necessary resources for their growth by the government. They have started many business ventures and are at more profits than the men running different ventures.

Women being the strongest thing in this world because without her a family cannot survive as she is a mother, a sister, a wife and a daughter. These are the most important part of a man’s life and whether it’s a old generation person or young generation person they cannot perform a single task without them. And they do the mistake of troubling them and depriving them of equal rights. But now they have grown themselves a lot and proved everyone who thought women can’t do and this could only take place because of generating awareness among them.

Women have to know all this by themselves and should use the resources by their own choice and should not be forced to do so. They should find different ways of growing and should encourage more and more women.                              


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