Yoga and Lifestyle


It is the living style of a person and it is different for different person in this world. Some people have good environment around them, thus they live a healthy lifestyle whereas some do not have so they have a different lifestyle then that of others.

Lifestyle not only depends on the environment but also on the way a person lives and maintains everything in his life. The way that person sit, eat, look, talk, body posture or I should say his everything defines his living style. A healthy lifestyle not only benefits to an individual but also affects the society and the people around them. A person with healthy lifestyle not only grows in terms of health but also in terms of his work. Due to their healthy lifestyle they can attract more people around them and also influence them by their talking style and can increase their business. Better lifestyle can be observed by the person’s health because lifestyle of a person affects both his health and his work.

A healthy lifestyle also provides positivity in the life and reduces the stress and negativity and gives the energy to work with enthusiasm.

Yoga and Lifestyle


It is a physical, mental and spiritual practice which helps the person to maintain his body weight and its metabolism and his mental ability.

Yoga not only makes the person’s body fit but also helps him to concentrate on his work. It helps in meditating and increasing self control.

It also decreases the risk of many diseases from your body. It increases the body flexibility and also increases the bones and muscles strength.

Practicing yoga on daily basis helps in improving its respiration and increases the energy of an individual. It helps in maintaining the metabolism of a person and decreases the risk of death.

It also improves the functioning of cardiovascular and circulatory system of the body. It protects the body from injuries as the body becomes flexible and the bones and muscles become strong.

Yoga and its effects on lifestyle:

As India is developing day by day, the requirements of the people are increasing and to meet those requirements people are running behind earning more and more money. This greed of money or the way of fulfilling your requirements has reduced time for oneself and for taking care of your health. This affects a lot to the lifestyle of a person as health problem increases and stress level also increases.

To overcome this problem and their health issues, some people have started finding time for themselves. They have increased their interaction with nature by walking in the morning and evening and some perform yoga for relaxing their body.

People have started avoiding fast foods and started consuming healthy and nutrition full diet. They have started having yogic lifestyle which includes performing yoga either in the morning or evening and have yogic diet which includes vegetables and fruits in their diet and yogic attitudes which means they have started following the required things to be done to keep their body calm and free from problems.

Yoga not only helps in health issues but only helps in building careers. As yoga helps in making your body flexible, it helps in building many career options in the field of dancing, atheletics and many more.

As it helps in concentrating at your work and helps you to control your emotions of anger and anxiety which leads in increased relationships in the company and society and increases the performance in the business.

Yoga helps in education field also as it helps students to memorize things and learn new things with full concentration as it increases the concentration level and learning capacity of the students. Students are advised to perform yoga from early age as risk of diseases also decreases.

Yoga is advised by the doctors to the patients suffering from severe diseases as it is the best way to cure diseases after medicines. Yoga reduces the problem of diabetes as it helps in increasing insulin in the body and maintains the insulin level. It also reduces the problem of hypertension and increased blood pressure.

Some of the names of the yoga practices that helps to achieve this are:

1. Asanas:

These asanas helps reduce health problems and maintains the proper body shape. Some of the asanas are tada asana, trikona asana, mehru asana, shashaha asana, dwipada uttanpada asana and yoga mudra asana for having better sitting and standing posture.

2. Pranayamas:

This type of yoga practice helps in reducing sympathetic overactivity and stress. Pranayamas such as sheetali and sitkari helps in achieving the relaxation of mind and body.

3. Kriyas:

This type of yoga practice helps in cleaning the body internally. It helps the body to remove toxins that are produced from the different processes going on in the body.

There are many other yoga practices that are performed to cure many of the problems.

Yoga plays very important role in sustaining healthy life. It provides with a good and relaxing lifestyle. It not only provides enthusiasm towards life but also improves one’s lifestyle.

As lifestyle includes health and living both factors, thus yoga improves both of them together and even adds many tastes to your lifestyle. It removes stress and makes the person more happy which increases his interest in interacting with other people and this adds something to his lifestyle.

Yoga is the best practice to keep yourself fit and improve your lifestyle in all aspects.This reduces diseases and helps in increasing the life span of a person.

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